Norwex Mop – Review

The Norwex Mop – Is it worth the price?

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but I really don’t like cleaning.  Hate it actually.

Probably one of my least favorite jobs in the house is cleaning the floors.  One reason is because it’s such a BIG job – such a large expanse of space with so many obstacles… it’s daunting.  It also feels futile.  I sweep, and there are still crumbs and hair where I just swept.  While I’m sweeping, a little breeze blows and the pile of hairy dust bunnies scatters.  After sweeping, I wash the floor, and I’m dragging clumps of wet hair around, that my broom missed.  It never really feels like I’m getting it clean.

I would rather wash toilets.

As much as I dislike cleaning floors, I LOVE the way clean floors feel.  Nothing screams “Deja, your house is filthy!”, like grit, crumbs and hair sticking to my feet.  And do we have hair!  We don’t have a dog, but we do have a cat, and even worse, 3 girls with long, thick hair.  There are hairy dust bunnies everywhere in this house.

Generally, I like to get every room in the house done in one fell swoop – both the sweeping and washing.  None of this, “one room today, and another room tomorrow”, otherwise I’d never have that “Ahhh, clean floors.” feeling.  This is a problem though, because it’s a BIG job, and I have a tendency to get distracted… usually by one of 4 kids needing something from mommy.

I also like to have a quick way to clean my open concept kitchen/living room/crumb covered dining room floors, when a friend phones and says “I’m coming for coffee in 5 minutes!”

I need a floor cleaning system that will help me get my floors clean FAST.  I like efficient cleaning.

Norwex Microfiber Mope System

In a Nutshell

The Norwex Mop is a definitely a 5 star product, but there’s a catch… it has a 3 star price tag.  It REALLY works, but it’s expensive.  Let’s face it, paying between $90 and $130 for a MOP seems mildly ludicrous, when there are so many other lovely, enjoyable, yummy things that I could spend that money on. 

Despite the cost, I DID buy one, and I don’t regret it one bit.  I seriously LOVE this mop… I almost like cleaning floors now because they actually get clean, and I can get it done FAST.


norwex mop


I bought (and recommend) the Superior Mop collection, which comes with a plush microfiber dry mop pad (for sweeping), and an Antibac wet pad (for washing).  The dry pad picks up everything off my floors including stuff that I didn’t even know was there, and it’s great at gathering up all my dust bunnies, hair, crumbs & other miniscule bits of “floor yuck”.  It’s even better then my Dyson vacuum cleaner at getting the dust off my hardwood. 

The wet washing pad cleans everything from my hardwood and tile floors;  all smudges, foot prints, drops, smears, grease spatter, dried milk & juice drips… you get the point.  It also picks up hair, BUT after using the dry microfiber mop, there is really no hair left on the floor, besides a few scragglers – YAY!  No more wet hair clumps to drag around while mopping!  In terms of its ease of use, the Norwex Superior wet mop pad is easy to use if you follow the directions. You’re supposed to move the mop over your floor in a Figure-8 pattern. If you do this, it moves easily. If you just scrub the mop back and forth, the “grab” in the microfiber can make the mop hard to move because it feels like it’s sticking to your floor, and the base can “flip”, as happens with other similarly-constructed mop bases.


  • the wet mop cleans with JUST water – NO cleaning solutions needed, which means that my kids aren’t crawling, rolling, or being dragged around (yes, they drag each other all over the floor) on chemical covered floors.  It’s also great for the health of my floors… my floors aren’t getting a coating of waxes or other harmful chemicals.
  • you don’t have to worry about water damage on your hardwood, bamboo, or cork flooring because the wet mop pad only has to be damp – not sopping wet – to wash the floor.
  • the dry mop pad is FANTASTIC at picking up all kinds of hair, dirt, and dust bunnies.  The dry mop is microfiber which has a natural static electricity so it really holds onto the dirt… you can dry mop a very large area before you have to shake it out or clean it off with the rubber mop brush.
  • unlike a traditional broom, you never have to lift the Norwex mop off the floor while sweeping, which means the wind can’t catch and blow the hair and dust bunnies that you’ve collected, across the room where you’ll have to go retrieve them.
  • the dry dust pad is better than our vacuum at getting the fine dust off our floor.
  • both the dry and the wet mop pads extend beyond the base, folding up when washing along walls, and preventing the base from gouging holes in your walls or scratching your baseboards.
  • both the dry and wet mop pads are easy to clean, and can be used at least 2 or 3 times before having to throw them in the washing machine… which leads me to my next point;
  • both the superior dry mop pad and the wet mop pad can be washed in the washing machine, and dried in the dryer.  This is a huge improvement over my old mop which would sit wet for a looong time after using it.  I can’t even imagine what grossness was growing in there!
  • it’s lightweight, the handle is adjustable, and it’s very easy to use.  I love that the mop pads attach to the mop base with Velcro… so easy.
  • it doubles as a wall washer, because of the telescopic handle.  I can reach to the top of my vaulted ceiling walls with it.  It’s also great for washing extra large shower/bath stalls.
  • has a handy-dandy little flip-down locking mechanism that you lock and unlock with a mere push. If you don’t lock it, the base swivels in every direction – handy for getting under your furniture. If you flip the locker down, the base doesn’t swivel anymore, making it great for cleaning walls and shower stalls.
  • Norwex offers an additional wet mop pad made specifically for tile & linoleum floors which has scrubby nylon fibers woven throughout the pad to add a little more “elbow grease” for when you come across dried on maple syrup or cemented Rice Krispies.  It’s seriously fantastic.  If you have super high gloss hardwood, I wouldn’t use it, but I’ve used it on all my floors, including my low-luster wood floors and laminate, and haven’t had any problems with scratching. 
  • if you buy the little brackets (they look like the Swiffer cloth grabber) that allow you to attach a window cloth to the end of your mop, you can clean those high, huge windows that haven’t been washed since you moved in to your house.

norwex mop accessories


  • yup… it’s expensive.  This is the biggest complaint I hear about the Norwex mop.  In the mop’s defense, it will last you for years, and it comes with an EXCELLENT warranty.  Think of the years that you won’t have to buy a floor cleaning solution, or replacement sponges for your mop, or vacuum bags for your vacuum, or Swiffer pads and solution (swiffers are NOT cheap to use!).  This mop will pay for itself sooner than you think.
  • it’s not great for hardwood stairs.  Definitely, the smaller mop works better than the big mop on stairs, but I still find it awkward and fumbly.  For my stairs, I’ve discovered that the Norwex Dusting Mitt works SO well for “sweeping” – it’s kind of like wearing a mitt shaped dry dusting mop pad on your hand – and a damp Enviro Cloth is easier for washing the stairs than the wet mop pad.
  • although the dry mop pad is easy to clean, it’s not AS easy as dumping dirt from a dust-pan into the garbage.  When I first got my Norwex mop, I would clean it outside by hitting it against our deck railing to knock the hair and dust from it – it worked.  Just make sure you’re standing up-wind from it or you’ll be covered in mop dirt!  However, if you buy the mop, you should absolutely spend the extra few dollars and purchase the rubber mop cleaning brush.  It works at brushing off all the dirt, hair, and dust bunnies from the dry (and wet) pads, right into the garbage, without the mess of beating or shaking it outside.
  • the dry mop head is not so good at picking up larger items, like cheerios or pebbles.  If I sweep in a figure 8 pattern the way I’m supposed to, then generally, the bigger things stay in front of the mop, but they don’t stick to the mop when I lift it up to clean it off.
  • for super-shiny, high-gloss hardwood: The Norwex wet mop can leave streaks behind. BUT – if you wet the dry microfiber mop pad and use it to wet-mop your high-gloss hardwood, you’ll find it dries streak-free.

How To Use the Norwex Mop:

Dry Mop – Attach the dry mop pad to the mop base, and using a figure 8 pattern, sweep your floor.  When you’re done, clean the dirt off the pad by either shaking it outside (or hitting it against your deck railing), or preferably, use the rubber brush to brush the dirt into the garbage can.  For the little bits that didn’t stick to the mop when you lifted it up, you can use your old fashioned broom and dustpan, or wipe them up with a wet Enviro Cloth.

Wet Mop – Under warm running water, get the wet mop pad wet.  Ring it out, and attach it to the mop base.  Wash your floors in a figure 8 pattern.  This should do a fairly large area of your floors.  When the pad starts to dry out a bit, you can either take it off, to rinse and re-wet, or you can use a spray bottle filled with warm water to mist the floor.  When you’re finished, remove the pad from the mop base, and rub it against itself under warm (hot) running water to clean it.  If it’s not too dirty, hang it to dry and use it again later.  If the floor was really dirty, wash it in your washing machine.

Washing Instructions:  CLICK HERE

Purchase the Norwex Mop!


Is the Norwex mop worth the price? In the end, I believe it is, and give it 5 Stars. It’s an extremely high-end mop, and it will last for years and years. The cost is comparable to the first year’s cost to keep stocked in Swiffer floor-dusting and Wet Jet equipment. After the first year, the Norwex mop system doesn’t cost you a dime, and you’re not throwing Swiffer pads and empty Wet Jet solution containers in the trash to clutter up our landfill space.

Do you like the Norwex mop, and if you have one, do you think it was worth the price?



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  1. Lacey says

    I hate when a company makes a good product, then charges and absolutely ridiculous price for it. $123 for what is essentially a reveal mop with a special pad to use. Also if I have to get my broom out anyway to sweep up the dog hair at the end, it’s one extra step too many.

    • says

      Lacey, I agree that the price is a little steep – I talk about the price issue in my review of the mop – but for me, the cost is worth it. I’ve had my mop for 5 years, and it’s still going strong, and it’s SO much better than any other mop I used before. It’s a bit of an initial investment, but in the end it was worth it for me. I also don’t mind the little sweeping with a broom and dustpan that I have to do in the end… my floors are so much cleaner when I dry mop with the Norwex microfiber, the extra step isn’t really an issue for me. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion though, and I don’t blame you for not wanting to dish out $123 for a mop!

      • Tish says

        I was just introduced to Norwex and my household set has already paid for itself in 4 months of not needing to buy chemicals. I figure I go through enough Swiffer products in less than a year, and this mop will pay for itself. As a single parent of 2 children, cost was definitely an issue for me, so I had a party and earned my mop for FREE. It was quite embarassing when I had my party knowing I swept the floor, used the Swiffer dry AND wet, and when the consultant ran her mop over one section of the floor she STILL got dirt. It really makes one reevaluate our definition of “clean.”

  2. stella says

    Hey Deja! thank you for posting all of your reviews! I am a new consultant and stumbled upon your blog. I do have a question though. My aunt has travertine tile and hard wood floors. the wet tile mop still left streaks and she is wanting a streak free shine. Do you recommend doing a wet mop first then using the sup dry mop pad over or using the sup dry mop pad wet?

    Thank you so much!
    (your norwex family sister -stella )

    • says

      Stella, yes, a clean superior dry mop used after washing the floor, should help get rid of the streaks. I’ve also found that if the wet mop is too dry when washing the floor (wrung out too much), there will be more streaks. If I use a spray bottle with water, and spritz the floor as I wash, I don’t have streaking problems. Thanks also for your kind words about my blog… I’m so happy you find them helpful!

  3. Selene says

    That’s a great review. I was just introduced to the Norwex products by my friend and I bought the Tile Mop. Do I just use water to clean or am I supposed to add a cleaning product to this mop? I know I’m not supposed to add cleaners to the “silver-lined” wet mop, but the Tile Mop is not silver-lined so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to use.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

    • says

      Hi Selene, the Norwex tile mop head is meant to be used with only water as well. You don’t need any cleaning solution… it’s actually not going to be good for the microfibers in the mop head. You can use a little vinegar in your water though – I personally find this to work really well, especially if you have hard water. Enjoy your mop!

  4. Bryn says

    Hi! So I am convinced that it cleans in the sense of no dirt left on the ground. But what I am really looking for is something that will disinfect. With little ones crawling over floors that get stomped with salty muddy winter chemical covered boots, feetilizer sandals, or any other icky things that follow us inside, I want to know that those are being removed for little crawlers and kids who will still pick up and eat cheerios from the ground. Will this mop do that?

    • says

      Bryn, yes… the Norwex mop will disinfect your floor!… and because you’re disinfecting it using only water and microfiber, the Cheerios your little ones are eating off the floor won’t be covered in a toxic, chemical disinfectant!

  5. Linda says

    I am most concerned with picking up cat litter particles off laminate floors. I really want to get rid of the dust pan.

    • says

      Linda, unfortunately, the Norwex Mop doesn’t do a great job of picking up cat litter. It will pick up some, but not all… your options are the dust pan, vacuum cleaner, or a damp cloth/paper towel.

  6. Michelle Lee says

    What I want to know is will this mop leave my floor clean enough that when I walk on it after I mop, will I get footprint marks. This happens with every single product I have used on my dark colored laminate floors. Its so frustrating. With two littles and two dogs, my floor never looks clean or smudge free. So cleaning with no smudges as you clean is great but does it stay that way once you walk on it with clean socks.

    • says

      Michelle, the Norwex mop doesn’t leave any residue on your floors – all you’re using is water and the microfiber, and the Norwex microfiber removes EVERYTHING from the surface you wipe. The biggest problem with dark floors (I know because I have them too) is that everything shows… the little bit of dampness on most peoples feet, or dirt or oils, and with dogs the problem is magnified. Even with the best mopping system, you may still have the foot prints. If I were to build a house, I would NEVER get dark floors… birch hardwood all the way baby!

      • Kari says

        Michelle, I am having issues with my dark hard wood floors showing footprints after mopping with the Norwex mop. I have only had the mop a month and have used it about 4 times. The first 2 times I didn’t notice this being a problem, but the last two times I have used it this has happened. I wring out the pad very well and wait for the floor to dry completely. but the first time someone walks on it barefoot or with socks my floor is streaked with footprints. I have not washed the mop pad (superior wet pad) yet….do you think that is the problem Deja? I have used a free and clear dish detergent (very small amount) on the pad in between cleanings and the pad doesn’t look particularly dirty. I don’t understand why this didn’t happen the first two times I used it. Unless it has something to do with it now being warm weather and peoples feet are more sweaty even in socks. We’ve even waited 30 mins before waking on it and to still happens. Very frustrating!

        • says

          Hi Kari, sorry for my late response… it’s been busy in the Peterson house lately!

          I agree, it is frustrating when a pair of feet leave footprints on your nice, clean floors… I have the same issue with my dark hardwood. I have definitely noticed that in the warmer, more humid months the floors look MUCH worse than they do in the dry winter months. Peoples feet are a little moist, and here on the Atlantic coast, every surface is damp even when clean. It’s not that your floors aren’t clean, or the Norwex mop isn’t doing a good job. I don’t have any evidence to prove this, but I wonder if many of the chemical cleaners for floors actually leave a film on the floor surface which repels the dirt and foot prints??? This may be nice for the way your floors look, but not so great for your health, especially the wee ones that may crawl on (and sometimes lick) your flooring!

  7. Kari says

    And I know Norwex is not supposed to leave a residue but it sure seems like something is leaving a residue on my floors after first using the superior dry mop and then the large wet mop because prior to norwex I used hey he spray cleaner recommended for my brand of hardwood floors and never had an issue with footprints showing up immediately after mopping and wearing clean socks.

  8. says

    So great to read all ur advice just wondering if I should
    use the wet mop or tile mop for bamboo floors. I’m hoping to place an order on thurs and am unsure
    Which would be best


    • says

      Hi Leanne! I’m so sorry for my late reply… the Peterson house has been a bit of a zoo this month! I think that you could use either the wet mop head or the tile mop head for your bamboo floors. I have low gloss wood floors, and I often use the tile mop on them, and I have no problems at all. It really depends on how much dried on, sticky bits you have on your floors… do they need a good scrub (if so, use the tile mop head), or is it just regular dirt and footprints (then use the wet mop head)?

  9. Don Guess says

    I also noticed footprints on my Pergomax wood laminate. I went to Lowes and use the Bruce Hardwood floor cleaner that they recommend for all types of would floors. I know you do not need any chemicals with this mop, but it works for me as long as I do not walk over it for a few minutes while drying. But I have no children at home, so I did not check anything out the chemicals used in it….

  10. Valerie Goodman says

    Liked the mop till the velcro was falling off the metal mop head. Tried 2 glues. Did not hold with the different materials. Any suggestions? Otherwise a good mop and the money spent is out the window!!

    • says

      Hi Valerie, depending on how long you’ve owned the mop, you may be eligible for a replacement mop head due to it being defective. You simply need to contact the Norwex consultant whom you ordered from, and ask her to check into it for you.

  11. Sheila says

    I have had the wet mop for about 6 months and do not like the dull look left when I wipe up my floors.
    They never looked like this before when I used a microfibre cloth and a bit of detergent.
    I was told it was a residue from cleaning products but I scrub at least 2x a week to try to get them shiny.
    We have no little ones at home. My floors were high gloss but not any more.
    I only use water on the mop to scrub and wash the mop head using environmentally free soap.
    Not liking the look at all .
    Any suggestions?

    • says

      If you have the Norwex Superior dry mod pad, many people have great success using it, after washing high gloss floors, to buff them to a sheen again. You could also try adding a few drops of dishwashing detergent to your water, or vinegar.

  12. lena says

    I have had the norwex mop for 2 months now and i love it. I would never go back to using any other mop ever again

    • says

      You can certainly try putting the Norwex mop pads on a different mop, but I personally don’t know if it would work since I’ve never done it!

  13. maria says

    I have a question. I am new to norwex products and am obsessed. i love it. we got the mop among other things and absolutely love it…the problem is my husband still insists on using pine sol when he mops because he likes the smell. He uses less than when using a regular mop but I am afraid he is going to ruin the micro fibers in the norwex cloth. Does pine sol ruin it? I’ve asked him not to but he says “it won’t really ruin”. Ugh – how bad is this?

    • says

      Try letting him know that he’s basically wasting his money. That’ll get him to stop, ha! As long as the pine sol does not contain chlorine bleach, it won’t ruin your mop. Your mop may always have that lingering smell of pine sol attached to it though. Give him time, too. cleaning with just water, and no lingering smell, is a hard concept for a lot of people! Have you shown him any of the videos on YouTube that demonstrates how well Norwex Microfiber really does clean? Like this one: The mop head works the same as an Envirocloth!

  14. Ashley says

    Hi! Thank you for the info! I just got my Norwex mop and conversion kit for my windows but I am so frustrated. I can’t clean my high windows because the mop head flips every time I move it up or down. I wish it would lock in place so it couldn’t flip. I love all my other products and I’m sure it’s great for the floor too, but I’m bummed about my windows. Do you have any suggestions or tips for me? Thank you so much!

    • says

      Hi Ashley,

      I agree, that it is not as easy as it sounds, and can be awkward. Here is what others have tried to make it a more effective process:

      * There is a lock on your mop base, a little rectangular piece that stops the swivel action. Make sure you’ve flipped that down.
      * Spray the window with water Use your wet mop pad (that you’ve already dampened) to do the actual washing of windows, not the EnviroCloth
      * Turn the mop and use it vertically instead of horizontally to prevent the flipping
      * Spray the window with water
      * Then follow with your Window Cloth to polish dry
      * Use a chopstick to poke the Window Cloth into the holes on your conversion kit to make it stay really well.

      Let me know if those tips give you better success!


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