Is Norwex a Scam? Debunking Myths and Settling Your Concerns

It is crazy to me how often I get asked “is Norwex a scam?” The answer is the same every time – No, Norwex is not a scam.

Norwex is a direct sales company that operates similar to Avon or Tupperware, selling legitimate and high-quality retail products to consumers. In this post I will outline the details of how Norwex operates and what you should know if you are concerned with the legitimacy of the company background.

Scam Concern 1

Norwex Is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company

Once I began selling Norwex, I realized a lot of people dislike multi-level marketing companies. I don’t know if they picture me knocking on their front door in the middle of family dinner to try and convince them to buy some microfiber cloths, but that’s not how I operate! If you are worried a multi-level company is a scam or trying to rip you off, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Are the products high quality and in high demand?
  2. Are they fairly and competitively priced?
  3. Do sellers have to put money toward the company before any chance of making a profit?
  4. Do the sellers enjoy buying and using the products for their own good and not only as part of the gig?

Is Norwex A Scam?As you already know, I first received a Norwex cloth as a gift and was hooked on their products long before I became a distributor. It wasn’t until I realized I was telling all my friends and family about the products and even conducting demonstrations in my own home that I considered selling them myself.

When you become a Norwex distributor, all you have to do is either purchase the starter kit yourself ($59.95), or receive it for free and agree to sell at least $2,000 worth of products in the first three months. It’s completely up to you how you choose to get started, and you’re receiving all the products and business manuals, guides, forms, and catalogs you need to become a successful seller. You can either purchase the kit outright, or get it for free and use that as motivation to get some parties booked and start selling. If you don’t sell at least $2,000 in the first three months, you are billed $200, which is still less than the cost of everything you receive.

Scam Concern 2

But what about Norwex prices?

Another complaint I hear quite often is that the prices are a little high, with many people assuming they are raised to go toward bonuses for consultants and home party hostesses. I am not on the financial or corporate end of Norwex so I don’t have any sort of top-secret information on what they do with their finances, but I do know that consultants and home parties are where Norwex advertising dollars go; right back into the customers and consultants. Norwex does not pay millions for TV ads, billboards, or magazine pages; instead, that money is invested in home parties, incentives for the consultants to work toward specific goals, and new gifts, perks, and products for party hostesses and customers. The MLM method used by Norwex is not a scam, it is a tried and true method that is proven effective in selling our amazing cleaning products.

Home parties provide far more value to the customer AND the company than an infomercial or billboard.

Secondly, you may also remember reading about the Norwex factory in China. The extra money you are spending on a Norwex microfiber cloth that cleans your home for 2 or more years goes toward making sure factory workers in China are being paid fair wages. We are so used to getting quality products for the cheapest price possible, and this mentality has led to the exploitation of many overseas factory workers without us even realizing it. That is the difference between a Norwex cloth and a basic microfiber cloth you will find for a couple bucks at the local grocery store. It’s one way of greening up your cleaning routine while having a positive impact on laborers around the world.

Scam Concern 3

The Norwex products couldn’t possibly work as well as I’ve heard.

On a final note, Norwex is most definitely not a scam because we offer high-quality, in-demand products that work. If you’ve ever tried one of our products or seen a live demonstration from a party consultant, you know that Norwex products do exactly what they say. I am not trying to make a quick buck by selling you a product that doesn’t work – I am sharing my passion for environmentally friendly home care as well as tried and true methods I use to keep my home and kids safe and healthy. I want the same for you!

What’s scammy about that?


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  1. Norwex Mom says

    I started selling Norwex a few months ago after attending one of my friends parties. I was pretty skeptical at first, but I really think the products speak for themselves. I had no intention of selling Norwex, but then I started just so I could get more free products. Now I sell it because I want to help my friends and family clean without using all of those harmful chemicals found in normal cleaning products. If you are skeptical, you should really give it a try!

  2. kim says

    It’s recommended that Norwex cloths be washed with non lint laundry like sheets or jeans, but I don’t want to wash my colored sheets or jeans in hot water. I’ve been washing my cloths by themselves but this doesn’t seem very cost effective or good for the environment in terms of electricity and water use.
    I thought of washing them with t-shirts, but they’ve got to have more lint than jeans or sheets and I’m afraid that if I always wash my cloths with t-shirts lint will build up in them. Any ideas?

    • says

      Kim, I will be totally honest with you about how I, a Norwex consultant, wash my Norwex microfiber: I almost always wash them with my towels, the lintiest items in my house, and they still work just fine! My towels are the only items I wash in hot water, and like you, I didn’t want to wash my jeans & shirts (that I don’t want to shrink) in hot water, just so my Norwex cloths could get clean. Yes, the microfiber does collect a few little pieces of lint from the towels, but that’s about it. They are not, in any way, rendered ineffective. So, go ahead, pop ’em in with your towels, and don’t fret over the lint!

  3. Donna Fear says

    I love all the norwex products and became a consultant so I could buy the products cheaper. I actually started sharing this amazing product with friends and family thus, a business has opened its door for me. This is what I do to get my towels clean. I put all my microfibers in a large pot of boiling water with a scoop of the norwex laundry detergent and stir for 10 minutes. The water will become brown. The bacteria and grime in the microfiber is release by the hot water and soap. Simply rinse the soap out of the microfiber. I have used this method on my mop pads and enviro towels, and it is like new. You will be amazed at how it removes the deep embedded stains out too. I think everyone should be doing this once every 4 to 6 weeks, and washing the them in the laundry other week

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