Silver Care Toothbrush – Review

Norwex Toothbrush
The silver coated head of the toothbrush self sanitizes after you’ve brushed your teeth.

How do I love my Norwex toothbrush? Let me count the ways.  This is a seriously fantastic product.

What you need to understand about your current toothbrush is this:

Norwex Toothbrush with removable silver plated head
The SilverCare toothbrush has a silver plated, replaceable head – you don’t have to throw out your toothbrush, just replace the bristles!

Every time you put your toothbrush in your mouth, the bristles touch all the bacteria living in there. That bacteria remains on your toothbrush even if you rinse it in scalding tap water, and the bacteria just sits there between brushings, growing and multiplying.  Every time you brush your teeth, the bacteria that’s been happily colonizing on your toothbrush gets re-introduced to your mouth. Then, as you brush, more bacteria from your mouth is deposited back onto your toothbrush. Yuck!

How does the Norwex Toothbrush work to self sanitize?

This is very clever, actually. The bristles of the self-sanitizing Silver Care toothbrush are embedded in the unique head plated with 99.9% pure silver. On contact with water, the silver head releases active silver ions that prevent bacterial growth and by the time the bristles have dried it is sanitized. This antibacterial process is natural and continuous.

But is it a good toothbrush? Will it clean your teeth as well as a tooth brush?

Absolutely!  Your teeth will be just as smooth and shiny and clean.

The bristles of the Norwex toothbrush are made of Tynex (a brand of nylon) that has properties similar to microfiber.  The Medium toothbrush bristles, however, are made of Microfiber, which makes them a little thicker and more stiff.  The microfiber-like bristles (on both the soft & medium heads) are “grabby” but gentle, and are able to pick up more of the plaque and general yuck off your teeth than a regular nylon head.

I recommend that people with sensitive gums or gum disease stick with the soft brush.  It’s also helpful to run it under hot water to soften it up a little more before brushing.   I don’t have gum disease and  find the hot water softens the medium bristles considerably making them feel soft and pliable, but my husband, who has sensitive gums, would not agree!

Is the Norwex toothbrush worth the money?

The Norwex toothbrush comes with 2 heads, and lasts a full year. Even if you are very hard on your toothbrush, one head will last the full six months.  The fact that you don’t have to throw out your entire toothbrush every 6 months is great in my opinion – you just pop your old toothbrush head out, and stick a new one in!  This means less waste in the landfills… every little bit helps.

Norwex Toothbrush in People Magazine
We’re not the only ones who love this product – how exciting that it was featured in People Magazine!           Image Source

Is the Silver Care Toothbrush Safe for children to use?

Yes and no!  The original, adult sized Silver Care toothbrush is NOT safe for children to use, however you can purchase the new CHILDREN’S SIZED Silver Care toothbrush!  WooHoo!  The Children’s Silvercare Toothbrush is smaller, and does not have a removable section in the head of the toothbrush, eliminating the risk of the child removing and choking on the bristled head.

NOTE: Silver does not contain nickel and is not an alloy. It does not leach at all nor does it come off the brush. Silver is considered to be hypo-allergenic.

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  1. Laurie says

    I purchased the Norwex toothbrush and although it has not improved my brushing habit it HAS improved my mouth hygiene. My Dental hygienist has graduated me to once a year cleaning from every 6 months. No other toothbrush or toothpaste I have used has ever done that!
    I have been using the Norwex toothbrush now for 3 years and will not go back to a regular one.

    • says

      Hi Laurie, this is a GREAT review! Thank you so much for sharing. Anything thing that is less than $20 and saves me a trip to the dentist is totally worth it! I’m just wondering if you could tell me if you use the soft bristled brush or the one with medium bristles?

  2. A J says


    I guess I am wondering what the materials the brush is made of.I recently purchased a self sanitizing tooth brush from ecofam in soft bristle but it felt more like a hard and has started to make my gums recede.I did like that their brushes were compostable so that why I was wondering.

    • says

      The bristles of the soft bristled Norwex toothbrush are made of Tynex (a brand of nylon) that has properties similar to microfiber. The Medium toothbrush bristles, however, are made of Microfiber, which makes them a little thicker and more stiff. I recommend that people with sensitive gums, receding gums, or gum disease stick with the soft brush. It’s also helpful to run it under hot water to soften it up a little more before brushing. Unfortunately, the Silver Care toothbrushes are not compostable :(

  3. Amy says

    I’ve been using the same Norwex toothbrush for a couple years having just changed the head once. I’m actually online right now to order another refill. I use to have gums that would bleed every time I went to the dentist. Now they tell me that my gums are very healthy and they are just sure that I am using some kind of electric toothbrush! I am shocked that they don’t know about the Silvercare toothbrushes! Maybe they would go out of business! BEST TOOTHBRUSH EVER!!!

  4. says

    I have had my Norwex toothbrush for about 3 months and just got home from the dentist. The hygenist did the measuring thing on my teeth, and instead of a few 2s and lots of 3s and 4s, I had several 1s, majority of 2s, and only a few 3s. I have NEVER had such good numbers!!! I am totally sold. I told her the only difference in my routine is my Norwex brush!! I will ALWAYS have a Norwex brush!!

    • says

      Yes, you are supposed to use toothpaste with the SilverCare toothbrushes… just make sure you rinse them well after brushing so the silver doesn’t get coated.

  5. Karen says

    I just got back from my 6 month cleaning and was told my gums look great. I wanted to change out my toothbrush head but can’t figure it out. I have tried pushing, pulling. There are no directions on packaging. Any hints? I’m stymied.

    • says

      Karen, to get the bristles out of the toothbrush, you need to put pressure on the bit of silver that you can see on the back side of the toothbrush head. It should just pop out, and then you can clean the inside of the brush before adding the new bristles in.

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