Norwex Dusting Mitt – Review

The Norwex Dusting Mitt claims to make dusting your house easy, healthy, and affordable.  Is this really true?  If you already have the Norwex Enviro Cloth, do you REALLY need to purchase the Norwex Dusting Mitt, or is it just gimmicky… a cloth in the shape of a mitt?

In a Nutshell

I LOVE this product, and no, it’s definitely not a gimmick.

I used to think that the Norwex Dusting Mitt was good, but not great.  You may remember that in my original review, I only gave it 3 stars.  My reason for just a 3 start rating?  I thought the Norwex enviro cloth, dry, did the same jobs, just as well, as the dusting mitt, with the mitt shape being the real only advantage.

I have since discovered that this little mitt had a couple tricks hidden up it’s sleeve… amazing talents… that have made me stand up and take notice.

The Lowdown

Microfiber has a natural static charge that makes it ideal for dusting.  You can actually feel the little microfiber hooks on the Norwex dusting mitt – they grab the dust and trap it in the mitt until you take it outside and shake it.

norwex dusting mitt review

As you use this dusting mitt to remove the dust from your home, you will find that it takes longer to accumulate. This is because you are not coating your furniture with sprays that attract dust to it.  Dusting sprays and disposable cloths like Pledge & Endust leave residue, this residue is mildly sticky and will encourage dust to stick to it.  When you use the Norwex Dusting Mitt, you are leaving nothing behind, and over time, you need to dust less often than before.

You wear this mitt right over your hand, so you don’t have to work to hold it while you dust. This feature is fantastic for anybody with joint stiffness or soreness (arthritis).   It’s also great for allergy sufferers because you don’t touch the dust as you remove it.

Where Do I Use It?

You can use this little mitt anywhere that dust accumulates:

  • wood furniture
  • horizontal blinds
  • Electronics – television, DVD player, computer monitor & tower
  • ceiling fans
  • pianos & keyboards, leather furniture (my dark brown leather chair is always dusty)
  • knick knacks on shelves
  • lamps & lamp shades
  • house plants.. the real ones and the fake!
  • pictures on the wall
  • walls!
  • it’s GREAT for keeping in your vehicle to give the dashboard a quick wipe down, especially for those of you who drive dirt roads.
  • {you add one here!}

A Couple of My FAVORITE Uses

Like I mentioned above, the Norwex Dusting Mitt is multifunctional, and I’d like to show you 2 of my favorite ways to use this little mitt.

Cleaning Hardwood Stairs

I HATE vacuuming or sweeping stairs.  It was my job as a kid… vacuuming the brown carpeted stair case.  Ugggh.  It was such a hassle to lug that big ol’ canister vacuum up the stairs, and then perform a balancing act… vacuuming while holding the giant machine without dropping it, without gouging holes in the plaster walls, and without falling down the stairs.  Those stairs didn’t get cleaned often.

In our house now, we have hardwood stairs, and I still don’t like cleaning them – same issues with the vacuum, and although I love the Norwex Mop System for the rest of my floors, it’s NOT good for stairs.  So I’ve been sweeping them.  Did you know that hairy dust bunnies don’t clean up well with a traditional broom and dust pan?  Well, they don’t.  Try it, and you’ll agree with me.  Also, did you know that stairs are magnets for hair balls and dust bunnies?  The rest of my floor can look pretty clean, and then I look at the stairs, and I want to gag.  There are 3 long haired girls in this family, and I swear, half of their hair is ALWAYS on the stairs.

Enter the Norwex Dusting Mitt

I was expecting company on short notice.  Mr. Wonderful was vacuuming the main level, and I was flying around dusting.  (Because we all know that the house would hardly ever get cleaned if friends didn’t pop in to visit).  As I passed the stairs, with the dusting mitt on my hand, I thought… “hmmmm, this might work”. 

It did, and it’s now the only way I clean my stairs.  I start at the top, give each stair a swipe, and at the bottom, I scoop up all the crumbs and the dust and hair sticks to the microfiber.  It’s fast, easy, and I don’t have to haul out the vacuum or broom.

Norwex Dusting Mitt


Cleaning Window Screens

The window screens in my house were NEVER cleaned.  To be embarrassingly honest, I didn’t know you had to clean them… the thought had never crossed my mind!   So when another Norwex consultant was talking about how amazing the Norwex dusting mitt was at cleaning her window screens, I thought I should give it a try. 

I wasn’t expecting the dirt I encountered.

I didn’t take a before picture of the screens… but I did take a picture of the dusting mitt before AND after.

Take a look at how grossly dirty my patio door screen was… just ONE screen door.

Again, it’s easy and fast.  Wet your Norwex Dusting Mitt, ring it out, put it on your hand, and wipe down both sides of your window screen.  That’s it.  No chemicals, no sprays, and you don’t have to remove your screens to hose them down.  Just a simple wipe down.

I was AMAZED  at how much my visibility increased through my windows, as I went around washing all the window screens with the Norwex Dusting Mitt.  They seem to almost disappear when they aren’t coated in dust.

norwex dusting mitt



I give the Norwex Dusting Mitt 5 big stars!  It’s super effective and does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and then some.  It should really be called the Norwex Dusting, Stair & Window Screen Cleaning Mitt!

CLICK HERE to learn how to wash and care for your Norwex Dusting Mitt.


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  1. Tanya says

    My Norwex consultant just told me that this mitt works great for window screens. You just wet it down and wipe them down. I haven’t tried it yet, though.

    • says

      Tanya, thank you so much for writing this tip! And it’s true… a wet Norwex dusting mitt is FANTASTIC for cleaning window screens. The fuzzy microfibers get into all the little holes and remove dust and dirt – my window screens have never been cleaner!


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