Norwex talks the talk

Norwex makes some pretty bold claims: their tagline is “Cleaning Without Chemicals.”  About themselves, they say, “Norwex is committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning to promote health,” and “We strive to improve quality of life…”

But seriously… can mere cleaning products actually “radically” reduce consumer use of chemicals in cleaning and body products?  Can a small cleaning product company actually improve your quality of life?

It seems highly unlikely. And yet…

Norwex walks the walk

What started with a miraculous cloth, a little water and bugs on a windshield in 1994 has become one of the most respected cleaning and personal care companies in the world.

  • The Norwex system of microfiber cloths, scrubbers and mop pads means you will not breathe, touch or ingest chemicals. This creates a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.
  • Norwex’s enzyme-based cleaning products allow you to tackle tough cleaning jobs without using harmful chemicals.  This contributes to better health in the home.
  • Norwex’ personal care product lines – Norwex Marine Organics and Naturally Timeless – offer cutting-edge technology coupled with organic and natural ingredients. You don’t put harmful parabens or preservatives on your skin.

Their purpose is simple but powerful

Norwex makes a powerful and positive difference in the world. They prove every day that when a little company helps consumers to “radically reducing chemicals” in our homes by offering effective microfiber and enzyme-based or organic products,  we can improve our own lives and the very health of the world around us. That’s called improving quality of life!

  • Save time – the Norwex Cleaning System decreases cleaning time by 75% or more.
  • Save money – An average household spends $600-$800 a year on chemical cleaning products and supplies. By using Norwex products you can realize up to a 90% savings!
  • Norwex helps make cleaning fun, fast and easy and teaches your family how to improve their health and environment!