Norwex Toilet Cleaner – Review

Ahhh, the Norwex Sanira System for chemical-free toilet cleaning. This is undoubtedly one of my absolute favorite Norwex products. It gets toilets sparkling clean without the need for any of the harsh chemical cleaners you’re probably used to.

Here’s some general information about the Norwex Toilet Cleaner and things I LOVE about it:

  • The cleaning solution in the Sanira System is vegetable based with coconut oil and a naturally occurring sugar surfactant
  • Both the brush and cleaning solution are produced from environmentally friendly raw materials that adhere to the strictest standards of the OECD
  • The brush does not contain any cavities where bacteria can thrive so it will not contaminate the surfaces you are cleaning.
  • The brush also does not contain any metal parts so it won’t rust.
  • The Sanira dispenses 10X less cleaning solution than other toilet cleaners, and the correct soap dosage is fueled to the brush from the refill by means of a built-in channeling system
  • The cleaning solution breaks down within 48 hours where other solutions break down in 30 days!
  • One Sanira refill lasts 1 toilet about 1 year, if you clean it once a week.
  • The Sanira solution dispenser slowly collapses as it is emptied and takes very little space in the trash. It can be recycled with your plastics.
  • The Norwex toilet cleaning solution refill pack never touches the toilet brush, so you can take it out and squirt it full strength under the rim of your toilet for tough stains.
  • My kids can (and do) clean the toilet and I don’t have to worry about them being exposed to toxic & corrosive chemicals.


How do you use the Sanira System?

Norwex Toilet Cleaning

Norwex Sanira Toilet Cleaner Refill
This is what the Norwex Sanira refill pack looks like.


Simply press the brush down, into the holder and count ~ 4 seconds to fill the brush with the disinfectant.  You’ll begin to see a little bit of the solution come up, out of the top of the brush and into the bristles.  Scrub it around inside the toilet (I have 2 boys under 10, so I use it on the outside, too)  before flushing away.  Simply rinse the brush after each use and place into holder. Flush.

NOTE: If your toilets really need a good cleaning, you can actually take the Sanira solution dispenser out of the holder (the brush never touches the dispenser) and squirt it around the underside of the toilet rim. This puts the solution on at full strength. Leave it a few minutes, then scrub with the brush.

What does the Sanira Solution smell like?

The solution has a very fresh, mild scent. It’s not the chemical smell that you associate with clean, but then, the smell we associate with clean is actually the smell of harmful chemicals. It’s more of a “sweet” smell. It’s difficult to describe the scent, but I can tell you that after using the Sanira System a few times, that smell became my new definition of a clean toilet!

Is the Norwex Toilet Cleaner Antibacterial?

Norwex Toilet Cleaning System
Norwex Sanira System – Chemical Free Toilet Cleaning Alternative

No, the Norwex Sanira Solution does NOT kill the bacteria in your toilet.  It is a vegetable based solution with coconut oil and a naturally occurring sugar surfactant (A surfactant [or surface active agent] is a substance that, when dissolved in water, gives a product the ability to remove dirt from surfaces.  Surfactants can be regarded as the ‘workhorses’: they do the basic work of breaking up stains and keeping the dirt from settling back onto the surface being cleaned).

Many of you may be dismayed to know that this toilet cleaner doesn’t kill all thebacteria in your toilet, but let me ask you:

Why do we need to KILL the bacteria if we can simply loosen it from the toilet and flush it down the drain, using a non-toxic, chemical free cleanser?

For disinfecting the exterior of the toilet (seat, cover, handle, etc.), I use the Norwex microfiber cloth, which removes EVERYTHING from the surface of your toilet… these cloths do as good a job of cleaning the parts of the toilet you touch (or better) as the antibacterial cleaners you would buy in the store.

Does the Norwex Toilet Cleaner remove Rust and hard water build up?

No, the Norwex Sanira toilet cleaner will not remove rust stains or other hard water residue in your toilet.  The Sanira Solution is more of a “maintenance” product.  It’s to get rid of the daily or weekly “yuck” in your toilet.

It’s not going to work on that camp/cottage toilet that’s  been subjected to years of hard water build up.  That’s a job for the Norwex Descaler and a Norwex Spirinet, which works wonders in a toilet that you thought you’d have to replace.

A few CONS:

  • the initial price – it’s way more expensive than a bottle of Lysol toilet cleaner, so you have to think of it as an investment
  • the brush is not INCREDIBLE, it’s okay.  Yes, the bristles don’t harbor bacteria and they do clean well, but I find it difficult to really scrub the very bottom, flat part of the toilet bowl because there are no bristles on the very bottom of the brush.  It’s true, there is a hole at the bottom of the brush which is used for channeling the toilet cleaning solution up into the brush, and I imagine that made it a trite difficult to add bristles there, but still….  It would be very nice if the brush had a few more downward facing bristles on the bottom of the brush, so I could really scrub the bottom of my toilet bowl.  This is a only a mild inconvenience though and something I can most definitely live with.
  • the name… the name of the Norwex toilet cleaner has had me baffled from the beginning.  I have NO idea why it’s called “Sanira System”.  From what I can tell (by my little bit of internet research) Sanira is actually a persons name.  Not a common name, but a name nonetheless.  Perhaps the Norwex toilet cleaning system was designed by someone with the first or last name of Sanira.  Hmm… not sure I’d want a toilet cleaner named after me.  This isn’t really a con, just something I find weird.

Overall thoughts about the Sanira System?

I give this product a 4 Star rating, even though it’s one of my favorite Norwex products.  The few cons I mentioned above are the reason I’m not giving it 5 stars.

For me, the best thing about the Norwex Toilet Cleaner is that I feel so good knowing that I’m getting my toilets totally clean without subjecting myself and my family to a whole bunch of harsh chemicals. I also love that the Sanira solution channels up and into the brush, and that the brush doesn’t harbor bacteria. I can leave my Sanira System sitting there between cleanings knowing that it isn’t growing bacteria.

If you have the Norwex Sanira System, has it been a good investment for you?… I’d love to hear (from customers and other Norwex consultants)!

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  1. Laurie White says

    I’m confused, if the solution does not kill bacteria in the toilet, how does the brush not grow bacteria while it sits in the container?

    • says

      Good question Laurie. The bristles are designed to shed all the water on them very quickly so that the brush dries out completely. The brush may get bacteria on it from washing the toilet, but because the brush dries quickly, the bacteria don’t have a moist place to grow and multiply.

  2. Susan Symington says

    I don’t know how it has happened but when I went to clean my toilet this weekend the bottom of the brush is disgusting it is all rusty colour! How do it get the brush clean now? I’ve been using the brush for about 9 months and it’s been so clean up till now! I need help! I asked my husband if he cleaned the toilet without the solution and he said no!

    • says

      Susan, I’m not sure what to tell you really… a rusty coloured toilet brush – YUCK! If it is rust, you could try soaking it in straight white vinegar… that may help. You could also try spraying it with the Norwex Descaler and allowing it to sit for a while. Other than than those ideas, I’m stumped.

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