Norwex Oven Cleaner – Review

Q: Does Norwex Oven Cleaner work?

A: “YES” – here’s my story.

It’s unfortunate, but these pictures don’t really do justice to the disgusting state of my oven before the cleaning….the camera just wouldn’t capture the full grossness of it.

Oven Before Norwex Oven Cleaner
Oven before Norwex Oven Cleaner
Oven After Norwex Oven Cleaner
Look at how clean Norwex Oven Cleaner made my little oven!

This oven is older than me (I think it’s a 1960’s model), and obviously doesn’t have the “self-cleaning” feature of the newer models.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve only cleaned it 2 times in our 11 years of owning it.  Can you blame me though? – The toxic, corrosive, and stinky oven cleaners from our local Superstore should stay on the shelf or be thrown into the toxic round-up bin.

I would rather have a dirty oven, than subject myself (and family) to Easy Off Oven Cleaner fumes.

Standard oven cleaners contain lye, petroleum distillates, and glycol ethers. They are also usually sold in aerosol cans. These are horrible for our health and the environment. The chemicals found commonly in the standard oven cleaners are so toxic and caustic, they can cause burns to your eyes, mouth, throat, skin on contact – not really something that I want to be using in the place where I cook food for my family to eat.  SCARY!

I’m still always skeptical the first time I try a new green cleaning product, especially a spray or liquid variety…. they usually do not do what they say they’re going to do.

Really, how effective can a eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning product be at removing years worth of burnt on food?

I was also not thrilled about the price of the Norwex Oven Cleaner.  The Norwex claim about this product is that it saves time (hopefully), and money (not so sure about that with this product).  It’s not a big bottle of cleaner, and my oven looked like it needs 3 bottles to get the job done.  I was expecting a full day cleanin’ up with a hefty price tag.

I was wrong.

As it turns out, the Norwex Oven and Grill Cleaner cleaned my oven BETTER and FASTER than any other store brand product I’ve tried – no joking here folks, and I didn’t have to use even one whole bottle of the stuff to get it clean…. I still have about 3/4 of the cleaner left!

I followed the directions – the most important of them being to PRE-HEAT your oven to 100°F – the cleaner will not work unless the oven is warm enough – the heat activates the enzymes.  Turn oven off, spray the Norwex Oven Cleaner on, wait 5 (or 10) minutes, and wipe clean with damp cloth (the Enviro Cloth would be a good one to use, or the Norwex All Purpose Kitchen Cloth).

The whole process took me a mere 15 minutes from the time I sprayed till the finished product.  The mess was minimal and the results were thrilling…. well ‘thrilling’ might be a bit of an overstatement, but I was pretty happy!

I am completely impressed with this Norwex product, and would definitely recommend it to ANYONE!

Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite frying pan, that needed some TLC – this is a Paderno Pan, and what the pictures don’t show is that the bottom of the pan is made up of hundreds of tiny grooved rings (kind of like a finger print).  Once food has gotten in there and burnt on, it is impossible to scrub off, even with a spirinett.

Pan Before Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner
This is my pan BEFORE cleaning it with Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner
Pan After Norwex Oven Cleaner
My shiny clean pan after cleaning it with the Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner!

Let’s learn about the Norwex Oven Cleaner!

This info comes directly from Norwex Head Office, but I’ve added my own experience in blue!

  • Self scouring action means less scrubbing when you clean ovens, broilers, hoods, pots, pans and fryers.  This is true – I didn’t have to use anything abrasive – and I didn’t scrub AT ALL.
  • Effectively removes baked-on fats, oils, grease, proteins and carbohydrate residues of animal and vegetable origin.  Yep!
  • Produces a “super-cling” foam that penetrates through the heaviest grease and baked-on foods. The foam isn’t super thick, but it is clingy – no dripping down the sides, unless you over-spray the stuff.
  • ODORLESS, so there is no fear of breathing harmful fumes!  HOWEVER, It does have a bit of a “spray-back” effect – there is a very fine mist in the air that lingers for a bit, and although it’s non-toxic, it will cause you to cough and sputter and sneeze if you breathe it in, as I did…. I had my head in my oven while spraying… not sure why I did this.   So I recommend either using a little mask or just holding your breath while spraying.  It was also helpful to have the oven hood fan on while I was cleaning.
  • Water-based, non-caustic cleaner safe for use on stainless steel, ceramic, chrome, Formica®, plastic, iron, aluminum, and painted surfaces.
  • Bio-based, natural and biodegradable – this non-corrosive formula contains enzyme formulation.
  • pH 9 creates an alkaline solution (non-acidic). It may be non-corrosive, but I still wore gloves while cleaning. I have dry, ‘prone to being itchy’ hands, and didn’t want to risk a reaction.  So to my customers, I would also recommend latex/rubber glove use.
  • Concentrated formula: Saves money – cost is only a fraction of most ready-to-use products.  I actually believe this is true.  Although the price seems rather high, the bottle will last for many applications.  Because of the scary state of my oven, I decided to clean it twice.  I also did numerous pots and pans with it, and I still have at least 3/4 of the bottle left.  
    (NOTE: although highly concentrated, the product CANNOT be diluted.  It does not mix with water well, and loses its cleaning efficacy quickly when diluted.)
The Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner is amazing!


  1. it really works.  I was impressed with how well it cleaned my oven, pots and my smooth top stove (oh, yeah… I forgot to mention – this stuff ROCKS as a smooth top stove cleaner!)
  2. scrubbing is not needed – all you need is a quick wipe.
  3. it’s fast.
  4. it’s non-caustic – it’s not going to eat holes in your skin.
  5. there are no harsh fumes.  Your family doesn’t need to vacate the house while you clean you oven, and you don’t have to wear a gas mask :)
  6. this stuff is not toxic.  No need to worry about residue getting on the food you cook after you’ve cleaned your oven.
  7. it’s biodegradable.
  8. it’s in a non-aerosol, recyclable bottle.
  9. it’s MULTIPURPOSE.  You can use this stuff in your oven, on your grill or BBQ, it’ll make your stainless steel pots look like new, it’s amazing as a smooth top stove cleaner, and it will clean the glass doors on your wood stove and fireplace.
  10. you can use it in a self cleaning oven… just use the self clean feature with the Norwex Oven & Grill cleaner!  FYI – self cleaning your oven uses a TON of energy = money.  They heat up to 500C/900F and stay that hot for 3 hours!  It’s also been reported by bird owners, that the fumes released from the heated Teflon coated interior of the oven will KILL PET BIRDS and make other small pets very sick!  I think it would be safe to say that those same fumes are probably not super healthy for people either… especially little ones.


  1. it’s a little pricier than what you might pay for a can of Easy-off Oven Cleaner.  But given the fact that you can clean A LOT with just one bottle, you will definitely get your money’s worth out of it.
  2. is it a con that I can’t think of any more cons?



Oven Cleaning Directions:

  • Preheat oven to 100°F (38°C) and turn off before applying product.  Pre-heating the surface will energize the microbes and enzymes to work faster.  NOTE: Don’t over heat your oven!  I did accidentally, and when I sprayed the cleaner on, it evaporated on contact!  Surprisingly it still worked well, but it worked much better when my oven wasn’t too hot and the cleaner remained nice and wet on the surface!Apply undiluted Oven and Grill Cleaner to top of oven first, then to the sides, and lastly to the bottom.Allow cleaner to work for 5-10 minutes. If you’ve let it sit too long and it’s dried, simply use a spray bottle with water and mist the surface again – it will make wiping up the mess much easier.
  • Wipe with damp envirocloth and rinse thoroughly with water.  Stubborn and large amounts of baked on food may require more than one application and a scrub with a spirisponge or spirinett.
  • After cleaning, heat oven to 200°F (95°C) for 10 minutes prior to use.

Grill Cleaning Directions

  • While grill is warm, use spatula or flat blade to remove excess grease and food deposits.
  • Apply undiluted Oven and Grill Cleaner onto the grill – allow to work for 5 minutes.
  • Lightly scrub with a spirisponge, then rinse surface completely with water.
  • After cleaning, heat grill to 200°F (95°C) for 10 minutes before using.

Smooth Top Stove Cleaning Directions

  • Potato or rice pot of peas boils over and burns to the surface of your smooth top stove – Yup, this happens to me almost every time I cook any of these foods.
  • Once you’re done with the element, turn it off and let it sit until it’s cooled down somewhat.  You don’t want to let it cool down completely because the Oven & Grill Cleaner needs some heat for the enzymes to do their work.
  • Spray the Oven & Grill Cleaner on the burnt mess.
  • Let it sit for 5-10 minutes.  Or, do as I do and forget that you sprayed it until after the kids are in bed later that evening!
  • Use a damp enviro cloth or all purpose kitchen cloth (or wet paper towel… sssshhhh…. I know it’s not as eco friendly, so don’t tell anyone I said this) and wipe the burnt mess off your stove.
  • Repeat the next day when your supper boils over again.

Ingredient Information:

  1. Amylase – an enzyme that breaks down starches
  2. Bacillus subtilis – a soil organism that is found everywhere, is non-pathogenic, and survives well under extreme environmental conditions. It produces a variety of enzymes such as amylase, lipase and cellulase that break down different substances.  Once applied the enzymes only last for a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the application.
  3. Protease – an enzyme that breaks down proteins.   The protease in this composition is used for cleaning and washing purposes. Proteases are part of many laundry detergents.
  4. Water – Self explanatory.
  5. Polyoxyethylene lauryl ether  – A non-ionic surfactant, foaming agent, and detergent often used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.  Present at less than 3%.

Shelf life is 2 years.

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  1. Wendy Butland says

    Directions state not to spray on heating elements. Mine are exposed on top & bottom. It will be very hard to spray around them on dirty spots & not spray them. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Wendy, the heating elements in my stove are also exposed, and I spray a little of the Norwex Oven Cleaner on them every time I clean my oven, and the only thing that happens is that they “smoke” a bit when I turn my oven on after I’ve cleaned it. You should always turn your oven on, empty, for at least 10 minutes, after cleaning it, to burn off any residual cleaner!

    • says

      Amber, I did have to heat my pans before I sprayed them with the Norwex Oven Cleaner. Heat your oven to 100°F, put your pan in for a bit, pull it out (using oven mitts!), and spray it. I suggest spraying over the sink as there will be some dripping.

  2. Joanne says

    I accidentally breathed this in when I coughed and I’m pregnant. Is it safe? I freaked out when it said “don’t breathe in fumes!” Sorry about paranoid!

    • says

      Joanne, you have nothing to worry about! The Norwex Oven Cleaner doesn’t have “fumes” like other products do, however like I mentioned in my post, it does have a bit of a “spray-back” effect – there is a very fine mist in the air that lingers for a bit, and although it’s non-toxic, it will cause you to cough and sputter and sneeze if you breathe it in. So I recommend either using a little mask or just holding your breath while spraying. But be assured that your baby is just fine!

    • says

      Hi Paul, I use my Norwex oven cleaner in my toaster oven all the time :) It might be a wise idea though, to test it on a small spot first… just to make sure.

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