Norwex Magnet Ball

“What is that weird looking green ball?”, you may be asking yourself.  Let me introduce you to the Magnet Ball.

Norwex describes the Magnet Ball as a water softening device which magnetically attracts calcium  and magnesium molecules from water, and alters them in such a way so that they lose their ability to cause scale, AKA hard water build up.  It doesn’t actually soften your water, but it makes hard water act like it’s soft.

The premise of the device is that because soft water requires less detergent, you will save money on detergent in your dishwasher and washing machine if you just stick the Magnet Ball in at the start of a wash cycle. In fact, Norwex says, “When using the ball, you use 50%-70% less soap.”

This sounds pretty great, and in fact I have many customers who swear by their Magnet Balls, but I personally have not tried it as I have a front load washing machine, and Magnet Balls are not to be used in them.  I also have really soft water so I don’t have to use it in my dishwasher,  so my opinion doesn’t hold much weight. I would however, love to hear what other Magnet Ball users think about the product!

Norwex Magnet Ball
The Norwex Magnet Ball is an effective water softener for use in your washing machine and dishwasher.

Below are a few Norwex Magnet Ball FAQ’s

Can I use the Magnet Ball in a front loading washing machine?

The Magnet Ball is NOT recommended for front load washing machines for a couple of reasons…

1. They actually aren’t necessary as front load washers already require such a small amount of soap.

2. There is some concern that because of the way the water circulates in a front loader, that they could possibly damage the inside of the drum OR the glass on the door.

Are there any other places that I can use the Magnet Ball besides my washing machine?

The Magnet Ball can also be used dishwashers (on the top shelf), toilet tanks (to reduce hard water build up in your toilet bowl), and I have even heard of some people who use them in their tub while drawing a bath!

Do I need to clean my Magnet Ball?

Yes, it is a good idea to periodically clean the inside of your Magnet Ball. This is especially important if any member of your family works in an industrial  setting, where they may get metal filings in or on their clothes (eg. welders).  The Magnet Ball will draw these out of the water and into it’s center, and unless the ball is cleaned out, these metal filings will rust.  To clean your Magnet Ball, simply run a microfiber cloth through the center hole of the ball a number of times, until you notice it is coming out clean.


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    • Deja says

      I actually haven’t heard of the color leaching Kate, but that would be unpleasant! Hopefully it wasn’t a white load! Yay for the 5 year warranty on the magnet ball!

  1. Kris says

    Does it matter which dishwasher
    Detergent I use with the magnet ball?
    I currently use cascade platinum with Clorox. I don’t want to mess my ball up.

    • says

      Hi Kris, you can use any dishwasher detergent with your Norwex Magnet Ball. Keep in mind, however, that bleach degrades anything you use it on, so although Norwex doesn’t specify that you can’t use a detergent with bleach in it with your Magnet Ball, my advice would be to try to avoid it, and use as healthy a detergent as possible.

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