Norwex Face Cloths (Body Pack) – Review

I’m not the only one who loves this product – the Norwex Face Cloths (Body Pack) clean and exfoliate your skin, and all you need is water.

I recently got this email from a blog reader:

“I was just reading your webpage of product reviews. I was kind of shocked that you didn’t review the “body pack” or the “baby body pack”. These cloths are the ONLY thing I use on my skin (except for sunblock), and I’ve have only 1 or two blemishes in the past year. Less than $20 for two years of “facial cleansers, toners, and make up removers” it is a GREAT deal.”

Norwex Face Cloths Review

Norwex Face Cloths

Norwex Body Pack VIntage Colors







This reader is bang-on and thank you, reader, for helping me decide which product to review next.
The Norwex Antibac Body Pack cloths, which come in packages of three, are made of the highest quality microfiber. Each fiber is split 200 times, and each split in the fiber is a “grabber” that picks up dirt and bacteria. They are excellent for keeping skin clean and healthy. Here’s why these cloths are so great:Norwex Baby Body Cloths

  • A Norwex body pack cloth that’s wet with plain water removes EVERYTHING from skin! This feature helps many users to clear up recurring minor bacterial skin infections – those annoying infections that cause blemishes around your mouth, for example – and keep further breakouts at bay.
  • These are a MUST for any baby that has “cradle cap” (baby dandruff).  Used regularly during bath time, these cloths eliminate cradle cap from starting, and can clear it up if your baby already has it.
  • These cloths are very effective as baby cloths for diaper changes. Users report that these cloths clear up baby’s diaper rash, and with continued use actually keep baby from getting diaper rash.
  • Most users say they require no cleansers with these cloths because they completely remove dirt, makeup and even mascara with just water. For die-hard cleanser users, you can still use cleanser with the cloths if you want to. It won’t hurt them.
  • You do not require toner if you use the Body pack cloths, because the cloths don’t alter your skin’s naural pH level. Some users still like to use moisturizer after cleaning with the cloth (and all users should apply full-spectrum facial sunscreen!).
  • These cloths also exfoliate skin, which removes dead skin cells and leaves skin clearer and brighter. Exfoliating is a major part of keeping skin blemish-free because bacteria gets trapped under dead skin if you don’t remove it regularly, which causes breakouts.
  • These are wonderful for anyone who has sensitive skin and has allergic reactions to many of the skin cleansers on the market.  Because you’re only using water and a cloth to clean your skin, your risk of breaking out in an unsightly rash, is significantly reduced.

The cloths come in two sizes and different colors:

To take care of your Body Pack cloths: When they need to be cleaned, they can be washed and dried in your machines using any laundry soap. Dry your cloths with low-lint items (eg sheets), because the microfiber will grab lint off other things in your dryer if it gets a chance! Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Bleach degrades the microfiber, and fabric softener coats the fibers and wrecks their grabbing power (Norwex dryer balls let you dry your laundry faster and without static – no fabric softener required!).

If you’ve used and loved (or not loved) these cloths, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!

Click here to purchase the Norwex Body Pack – Link opens in a new window, my shopping website.

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  1. erin gawlick says

    Wondering if you can use these body cloths for cleaning surfaces too- as a smaller enviro cloth? and if you can, would you clean surfaces and then your body too with the same cloth?

    • says

      So sorry Erin for my late response! I had to contact Norwex Head Office to get the answer to your question. This was their response:

      The body pack was designed for use on skin therefore has an ultra-soft texture. The Enviro Cloth was made to be used on surfaces other than skin. Since they are both made of Micro-Fiber, the outcome should be the same, but we would suggest using the body pack only what it was intended for.

      If you do clean a surface with the body pack, I would DEFINITELY launder it before using it on your body!

  2. Hina says

    Can I use body pack cloths for Oil cleansing my face? I apply oil to my face massage it and then it requires steaming face with hot towel placed on the face and wiping the oil from the face.
    So can I use it for this purpose twice a day? Do I need to wash it with soap (after each use) between uses before throwing it in a washer or is just cleaning with water enough for (every time I use it)?

    • says

      Yes, the Norwex Body Pack cloths (face cloths) are great for people who use the oil cleanse method for their face, but you definitely would need to wash the face cloth with soap EVERY time you use it, and really give it a good hand scrub. Water would not be enough to strip the oils from the fibers, and the cloth would get smelly quite quickly.

  3. Kathy Robinson says

    I love the body cloths! That’s all I use to remove my make up at night and to wash my face in the morning. I gave one cloth to my 14-year-old daughter that has acne and in just one month what an amazing difference! I wish I had of known about these cloths before I spent so much money on prescriptions and ProActive! I also gave one to my nine-year-old granddaughter hoping she will not even have to go through the acne phase. These cloths are worth their weight in gold for the mere fact that they have given my teenage daughter her confidence back and as a mother that is priceless. Thank you Norwex.

    • Keli Bingham says

      I was given one of these as a gift. I have very sensitive skin that’s had issues for months, within a few days my skin looked better than it has in years!

      My 21 month old daughter also has sensitive skin & eczema breakouts on her face & eye lids. I tried everything this break out but nothing was helping it. On a whim I decided to try this body cloth since it worked on me, the next day it had cut down the eczema by half, the 2nd day using it, the eczema was gone! We will definitely be ordering more of these cloths for permanent use & gifting one to my teenage niece.

  4. Kaitlin says

    Hi! How often should you put these cloths in the washing machine if you’re washing them with soap and water after using them? Also, about how long do they last before you need to just throw them away?

    • says

      Kaitlin, for washing instructions I’m going to direct you to the very thorough (and well written, I might add) blog post, Norwex Microfiber Washing Instructions – it answers your laundering question. As for how long do the cloths last??? I’ve had my original cloths for 5 years, and they’re still going strong. They’re not as soft and fluffy as they once were, but they still do a great job of washing my face!

  5. Canyiah says

    A couple of questions how do I know when it needs to be washed? When cleaning my baby’s booboo or any staining item can I reused the same surface with just rinsing it off or do I have to wait until it drys to use again? Thanks

    • says

      Canyiah, if you don’t want to throw it in the washing machine, and want to keep using your Norwex face cloth, you can definitely do that. If what you used your cloth for wasn’t that dirty (just washing your face in the morning, for example), all you really need is a hot water rinse and scrub, then let it hang dry. If you’re using it to clean you little ones cuts or scrapes (where blood is involved), I would definitely use a little dish soap and scrubbing to hand wash it. You don’t need to let it dry before you use it again though.

    • says

      Rachel, I still use soap when I shave… I really only use the Norwex Body cloths for my face and neck – I still use soap to clean the rest of my body.

  6. Angie Higgins says

    After trying tons of various eye makeup removers these cloths got my entire face clean and mascara free! Love them!!

    • Kristi says

      I noticed after my first use to take off all my makeup, the cloth is DIRTY (mascara, etc.) A hot water rinse doesn’t even get it off the cloth. Would you add soap before hanging dry? Or will there always be the mascara residue on my facial cloth?

      Thanks for any tips!

      • says

        Hi Kristi,

        Yes, adding a little soap to the cloth and giving it a good scrub and a REALLY good rinse of the soap in between uses is helpful. Staining, even after laundering, is still a possibility though. It does not affect how well your cloth works or indicate that it is ‘dirty’ though!

  7. Rosann says

    Hi, my 13 month old has eczema really bad… I’ve used every cream, medicated too. I heard of these body cloths so I purchased them. Her skin is always dry and red patches of eczema everywhere. I started to used them 3 days ago and her skin is really really dry and patches of redness is a lot worse… Her skin is very sensitive as well. Is this normal or should I stop using them?

    • says

      Rosann, unfortunately, not every Norwex product is right for everyone. It sounds like the body cloths aren’t helping your little one. If It causes irritation, it’s unlikely that it will get better, and I would recommend you stop using them. Sorry that they didn’t help your problem! I’ve heard great things about using coconut oil on eczema patches!

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