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  1. Brenda Smith says

    May I take out a radio ad? Am I able say Norwex over the radio?

    If I do not say Norwex can I buy a radio spot with creative ways to advertise without saying the actual word?
    May I advetise in classified business section on samll town paper? Can say the word norwex whe I join the chamber of commerance? They do print names of your small business in publications to help grow business in my small community. loal business newpaper section?

    Does Norwex have training for ALL the above approved social sites?

    • Deja says

      Hi Brenda, Unfortunately, radio ads are not permitted by Norwex, as per their media policy, but you are more than welcome to advertise in your local paper. Norwex does have booking/selling/newspaper templates available for download which are very helpful if you plan to do this. They are in color but work well in black an white. If the chamber of commerce would like to print the name of your business (if you are a Norwex consultant) this is fine so long as your name and position as an Independent Sales Consultant are included.

      “Does Norwex have training for ALL the above approved social sites?” – Yes and no. Norwex assumes that you understand how to set up social networking accounts with FaceBook, Twitter & blogging, so they don’t give training on that aspect. Norwex does, however, have very specific training & guidelines regarding how you use these social networking platforms to grow your business. This is all clearly outlined in their media policy.

  2. Brigitte says

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if a consultant is allowed to have a separate Facebook page for their Norwex Business that would be like an advertisement, of course following the rules of what you can and cannot say?

    • Deja says

      Brigitte, yes, you most definitely can have a Norwex Facebook page! There are rules, for the things you can (and can’t) say on your page, and there are also rules on what you are allowed to name your Facebook page which are outlined in the media policy document.

    • says

      Hi Heather ~ Yes, Canadian Norwex consultants can do parties in the US, BUT the party host & guests will pay the CAD catalogue prices, not the US prices… this is the only difference. If the party is in a location far from where you live (the consultant), you can have the party order delivered to the host in her city and she/he can deliver the product to the guests.

  3. Brigitte says

    Hi there does the new consultant signing up able to purchase anything from catalogue at 1/2 price apply to British Columbia consultants?

    • says

      Hi Brigitte, Not all new Norwex consultants get one item at 50% off, only Canadian consultants who choose to pay for the $59.95 start-up package. Any consultants who get their start-up package for free are not eligible for the 50% off item.

    • says

      Hi Mary, YES! Starting March 5th, 2013, Norwex will ship to multiple addresses per party – HOORAY! Up until this point, only 1 mailing address could be used for a party order, but the new system that Norwex is using now allows for more than one. We as consultants are VERY excited about this!

      • Joan says

        Hi Deja,
        Great site…lots of good information. I was recently at a home party in Ontario, Canada and was very impressed with Norwex products. I had asked about having my order shipped directly to me. The consultant said this was not available.

        Has the policy changed since you posted this in 2013? I think it’s a great idea to have it shipped directly to the customers who ordered at a party as some hosts may not want to have to sort and deliver orders.

        Can you clarify this for me please.
        Thank you.

        • says

          Hi Joan, So your consultant was right, however, there were a couple of details she may not have thought of or known about. If you placed the order the night of the party using a paper order form, her answer was right – she couldn’t have it shipped to your home address. However, if the consultant has a Norwex provided shopping website then you could order online, from the website, stating that your order was to go towards the party of the person who hosted, and your order would be shipped directly to the address of your choosing. This may not have been a possibility in this case however, because not all Norwex consultants choose to pay the monthly fee for the option of a shopping site… if the consultant at the party you attended did not have a shopping site, then you would not have had the online ordering option.

  4. says

    I was interested in becoming a consultant.I went to a norwex party and absolutly couldnt believe it. I was truly amazed with the cloth. I know if i reacted that way i know thier would be alot of people would also be amazed.

  5. Shannon Chapman says

    As a norwex consultant when you act as your own hostess and have 325.00 or more do you have to also have a booking to receive the current hostess gifts?

    • says

      Yes Shannon, you do have to have a booking to receive the current hostess gift package, BUT… if the party ends up being cancelled for whatever reason, Norwex doesn’t care and you still get to keep you package :)

  6. Gena says

    Can I repackage individual items into my own sets and package them as Norwex, but with baskets and cellophane or tucked into coffee cups (something more crafty looking)?

    • says

      Hi Gena :) Yes, you definitely can repackage the Norwex products into different sets, and make them look beautiful by wrapping them uniquely. It’s actually a great idea, at your parties, to provide packages that you’ve put together, at a slightly reduced price. For example, you could offer the mop packages WITH the Rubber Mop Brush, and have the brush sell for a little less than the retail price. The important thing to remember is that you can only offer specials and discounts to YOUR customers, you cannot PUBLICLY advertise your own discounts. The only Norwex sales that you can advertise everywhere are the ones that Norwex has put on sale, like the monthly customer specials. Best of luck in your Norwex business!

  7. Laur says

    In order to earn your starter kit for free, you need to sell $2000 in retail sales within your first 90 days. I just wanted to know when those 90 days start? I’ve tried a couple products and I like them but I want to try the rest of the kit and order a couple more items before I begin hosting parties so that I can sell the products from first hand knowledge. So yes, when does your 90 days begin? When you first sign up online? When you receive your kit? When your host your first debut party?

    Thanks. :)

    • says

      Hi Laur, The 90 days starts when you first sign up as a consultant. The kit come very quickly afterwards… usually within 3-4 days.

  8. Isabelle says

    Are we allowed to display catalogues in boutiques, doctors offices, etc without selling the product directly there?

    I am a flower shop owner and would like to display catalogues if its permitted…

  9. Jessica Cary says

    I signed up for norwex in February when they had the smaller consultant package without the mop. I did not plan to make this a huge business so I didn’t sign up for the website. This month I have had a lot of interest. Yesterday I contacted norwex by email to see what steps I could take if I wanted go do the $9.95 website. They wrote me back and said they signed me up and going forward I would be charged on the 15th of the month. I wasn’t planning to do it yesterday, I just wanted info. Do you think they charged me and will charge me again in 15 days? Is there a fine to get them to remove it? If someone orders and my bank account is not set up, will I lose that commission?

    Thanks! Jessica

    • says

      Jessica, You can easily cancel your monthly subscription for the website whenever you want. You just have to email Norwex or phone them to arrange the cancellation. Also, you won’t lose commission if your bank account isn’t yet connected… Norwex would just hold the funds for you until the account is connected.

  10. Amanda says

    I’m hosting a party , in Canada, and have a friend from US that wants to place an order , can the things be sent to her? And will the shipping cost be the same or different ? Thanks :)

    • says

      Amanda, I’m SO sorry for my late reply to your question! To answer your question, yes, your sister can order from your Canadian party and have it shipped to her US address. She will need to place the order online however, and choose you as the Hostess. The shipping will be based on the amount she orders, but for most people it’s only the standard $5.95. Your Norwex consultant will be able to tell you how to do this. Have a great party!

  11. Jane says

    Can 2 people share the consultant role? Say 1 person does the talking and the other handles the administrative end?

    • says

      Hi Jane, yes, 2 people can definitely share the consultant role at a Norwex party… it’s a great thing to have 2 sets of hands! You can either share the party with another Norwex consultant or you can just ask a friend to come and be your helper.

  12. Connie says

    HI, I just want to be clear, if i want to sign up…i fill out SSN etc…I list my acct # …i must sell 2000.00 in 90 days , if not, it is at that time i will be charged 200.00 for the kit? But there is no up front 200.00 correct?? :) thanks!!

  13. janice says

    I’m planning to become a consultant as well as switch all my products (tools) to norwex for my cleaning company. I’m wondering if I can have a link within my cleaning business Facebook page and/or website to allow customers a direct line to my norwex website….? Also wondering if, down the road, when I have a store front/real estate location for my cleaning business, can I have samples of norwex displayed – sort of show case style (I.e. this is what we do, this is how we do it, and this is what we use and why), as well as being able to take orders for norwex products through my cleaning business?

  14. says

    I have an online store where I sell natural products and solutions for body and home. As a consultant, would I be able purchase inventory to then sell direct through my site?

    • says

      Jody, unfortunately no, Norwex has very a very strict policy on online sales. The only place you are allowed to sell online is through the Norwex provided shopping sites that they provide for their consultants, which are like my shopping site, Consultants who fail to comply can have their ability to sell Norwex products, revoked. Sorry I don’t have better news :(

  15. heather says

    I’ve noticed a lot of direct sales consultants doing online “parties” via social media. Is this allowed by norwex?

    • says

      YES, online parties are allowed! They are no different than a home party, basket or catalogue party. The hostess of the online party receives all of the benefits, just as if she was hosting in her home. They can be very beneficial to the hostess, as she can invite friends from anywhere in North America to buy! They are a great way for consultants to add a few extra bookings a month, and easy-peasy for the hostess! Feel free to send us an email if you’d like any more information, or you want to have a Facebook party with us!

  16. Sherri says

    Hi, I booked and hosted an in home party. I have 6 bookings from my party. I have decided to sign up as a Consultant. I am wondering if my consultant still puts these bookings under my party for me to get the free window cloths? Who then does the bookings, as this is my base for starting my business. Please advise how this is handled.


    • says

      Hi Sherri,

      This is a discussion for you and your consultant to have together! You can choose to make this your launch party, and put it under your new consultant ID. However, if she’s already submitted the party, that is now not possible. The Window Cloths are yours, as you are the hostess. If the party goes under your ID, the cloths are yours too, as you are both the consultant and the hostess! Your consultant can always call our Head Office for consultant support if she needs help with clarifying the issue at all!

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