Norwex Window Cloth – Review

The theory is that the Norwex Window Cloth will polish smooth surfaces, such as your windows, mirrors and granite counters, to a streak-free, brilliant shine, but the question remains, “does it actually work?”

The answer, based on my personal experience, is a HUGE “Yes!”

Norwex Window Cloth Review

I’m sure that when I say, “I hate washing windows”, I’m expressing the sentiment of many people reading this blog.  I hate using the mounds of paper towel, spraying the Windex (which always gave me a mild headache), wiping and wiping and wiping in circles trying to get the window dry and eliminate the streaks, only to look through my window from the other side to discover that the entire thing was streaky! So, I have generally avoided washing my windows until absolutely unavoidable ~ then at least the streaks left by cleaning are a vast improvement from the dirt that was there before!

But things all changed when I got my Norwex Window ClothNorwex Window Cloth

I became a window wash-a-holic….it is so fast and easy (and yes, even fun) to get super clean, streak-free windows!

I use this cloth for my windows, mirrors, flat screen computer and TV monitors, & microwave front. I don’t have granite counter tops or stainless steel appliances, but from the reports of others who do, the Window Cloth works wonders on them.

“Before I found the Window Cloth, I despaired of my granite because it was always streaky even after a good cleaning. Now, with a wet Antibac cloth and my Window Cloth, my counter absolutely sparkles. The Window Cloth is also great at taking fingerprints and marks off stainless steel appliances. I wipe my fridge, stove and dishwasher with a wet Enviro Cloth and then polish with the Window cloth. ”
(Dara, Edmonton, AB)

How to use the Window Cloth:

  • This cloth is best used as a drying cloth.
  • You can either lightly spray the surface with water and then use the window cloth to dry and polish, but I prefer to wash first with a Norwex Enviro cloth, which really cleans the dirt, and window cleaner residue off.
  • Then wipe the wet, clean surface with your window cloth until dry. There’s no need to wipe in circles even, just back and forth or up and down, and once around the edge – you will love the results!

To take care of your Norwex Window Cloth: When they need it, they can be washed and dried in your machines using any laundry soap. Dry them with low-lint items (eg sheets), because the microfiber will grab lint off other things in your dryer if it gets a chance! Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Bleach degrades the fabric, and fabric softener coats the fibers and wrecks their grabbing power. (You can use Norwex Dryers Ballsin place of fabric softeners ~ they help eliminate static and reduce your drying time!)

Norwex Basic Package
Use the Enviro Cloth (blue) wet to clean, and the purple Window Cloth to dry!

NOTE: If watermarks are left, the cloth is either too wet or the cloth is removing old cleaner residues. In this situation, clean off the surface with a wet Antibac cloth first, then polish with a dry window cloth.


I know there are MANY of you who feel as passionately about the Norwex Window Cloth as I do and I would just love to hear about your experiences with it.  Oh, and if you want others to know about this little gem of a cloth, please share this with your friends :)

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  1. Patricia Windsor says

    I just asked this question on another site. I ordered the glass cleaning cloths on an Amazon site which said they WERE Norwex products. I received them today and they are labeled e-cloths. Nowhere is Norwex mentioned. Is this a fake site? These cloths work, but are thin and I don’t like them nearly as well as the original ones which I LOVE!! Is your product changing? I also noticed the first ones I used were made in China (boooo!) The second ones are made in Japan.( Just as bad as China.) What’s wrong with a made in USA product? Charge whatever, you’ve got a great product! Now, what’s with the ones I just ordered? Are they Norwex under a new name?

    • Deja says

      Hi Patricia! The answer to your question is “no”, Norwex is not selling under a new name. Norwex still makes the same, high quality cloths as they always have,and they are clearly marked with the Norwex logo on each cloth. You were shipped cloths that are made by a different company, and I would recommend that you contact the seller and explain that you received the wrong cloths and would like a refund.

      With regard to the Norwex cloths being made in China… I know China has a pretty sketchy background for very many things and for very many reasons, but I can assure you, any product that we carry is not made cheaply, nor are they made by children or exploited workers. This goes for all products, even those which Norwex does not manufacture. The workers in the plant in China are hired by Norwex itself, and the plant is owned solely by Norwex. The workers are paid fair wages, have reasonable work days and real weekends, have benefits, and work in a clean, healthy facility. The standards they are held to are the same as they would be if the plant were in Canada or the US. Norwex’s plant in China is the model by which all companies ought to run a Chinese manufacturing plant. So, you can feel good that by purchasing Norwex products, you are supporting Fair Trade and helping to improve the ideals of Chinese manufacturing plant working conditions! I’ve written a post about it actually (Click here to read it), because so many people have asked about it.

  2. says

    I couldn’t agree more with your review!! I could gush on and on about how much I love cleaning windows with Norwex but an illustration would probably be more efficient, so here goes: Last week, using only a wet envirocloth and a polishing cloth, I was able to clean every window in our home, inside and out, in a total of about 6 hours. THIS is with the help of a 1, 2 and 4 year old and all of the interruptions/distraction/meals/diaper changes/etc. that come along with them! Incredible. Prior to this (and discovering Norwex) I hadn’t cleaned my windows in 3 years. Like you, I would wait until it absolutely couldn’t be put off any longer…and then wait another year or so.

    I also used a slightly damp dusting mitt to clean the screens – worked like a charm!

    Thank you for running such a great website!!

    • Deja says

      Thanks Alexandra! I love hearing other “excited cleaner’s stories”, and yes, the Norwex window cleaning system is something to get excited about, especially if you hate…err, dislike cleaning, or have little ones clibming all over you. If I can get all my windows cleaned in a day, it’s a success. I’ve also heard that using the Dust Mitt damp is great for screens, but I still haven’t tried it. I have used the Enviro Cloth wet to wipe them down, but I bet the extra fuzziness of the dust mitt would get in the little holes way better than the evnviro cloth, so… I’m off to clean my screens!

  3. Christine says

    I am having a problem with my dish cloths that I have had for a couple years now. It has become slimy and even after boiling it for 15 minutes it seems more slimy than before. I am wondering if the silver washes out over time and that is what’s happening? I can’t think of anything I have used it on that would make it slimy feeling like this. Any thoughts?

    • says

      Hi Christine, Slimy cloths… hmmm… I do know that the silver does not wash out of the cloths – the silver is actually woven into the fabric of the microfiber and cannot be worn away. I’m not really sure what is causing your cloths to feel slimy (water type, what you’re using the cloths for, type of laundry detergent you have???), but I think that by deep cleaning them with a natural detergent (something similar to the Norwex Laundry Detergent), you would get rid of the slimy feel (You can read about how to deep clean them HERE). I don’t really recommend the boiling method for the cloths anymore… I find it changes that texture of the microfiber; it may actually be contributing to their sliminess rather than helping get rid of it. Please let me know if you find a solution that works for you… I’d love to hear in case I have others who experience similar problems.

  4. Deb says

    I love my Norwex products but have noticed that my polishing cloth is leaving white specs behind. I have not used a fabric softner nor have I ever boiled it. Ideas????

    • says

      Hi Dab, This is a common problem for window cloth users during the winter months. The air is dryer and there is more static, which attracts the little particles of lint… happens to me all the time. The best solution I’ve found is to lightly dampen your window cloth before using it to dry your windows or mirrors. Give it a little spritz with a water bottle and then use it to dry and the white specs should be gone. Let me know if this fixes the problem… if not, I’ll do some more trouble shooting for you!

      • sharolyn says

        Hi. My first Norwex purchase was the basic pkg. And after using it to clean a couple windows, I was in love! Until the evening sun hit my front window… streak free, but Tons of little “dots” . Dosen’t look like lint, little sparkles… and clue on what’s gone wrong?

        • says

          Sharolyn, to be totally honest, you have me stumped. The only thing I can thing it might be would be microfiber lint. You could try washing the window cloth to see if that helps to rid the cloth of the “sparkles”. The other thought I have, is that it MAY be your windows… if they are older windows, it could be little scratches that didn’t show up until you got them Norwex clean. But unfortunately, I’m only speculating…

          • Sandy Zabel says

            I am also having this problem. I have noticed on my car windows and also the house windows. We just had new windows installed and when the sun hits the windows there are all little sparkly things. They don’t look clean. Any solutions?

          • says

            Hi Sandy, when talking to other consultants who have had customers experience this, here is what they recommend: “When wiping with the Window Cloth, leave the surface slightly damp and let it air dry the rest of the way. You don’t need to dry the surface all the way.” Keep me updated on if this solves the issue!

    • says

      Stephanie, yes – I have deep cleaned my window cloths if I’ve used them to clean windows without first washing the windows with the Norwex Enviro Cloth – they can get pretty dirty this way. I’ve also found that if I don’t let them dry well after using them, they can start to smell a little funky. There have also been times when I’ve laundered them in my washing machine, and left the load sitting a little too long in the washer before putting them in the dryer, and then my whole load (including my window cloth) will smell a bit gross. A deep clean every once in a while is great for your window cloth!

  5. Michele says

    I’m having the same problem with my kitchen envrocloths being slimey. I bought all new cloths since I’d had my others for two years. Now the ones I bought six months ago are slimey too. Help :)

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