Washing Norwex Microfiber

I get MANY emails from customers asking varied questions on the same theme, “How to do I wash my Norwex microfiber?”.  Norwex has it’s own, certified laundering rules, but these instructions are quite short and to the point, and not fully comprehensive.

So for those of you who need a little more, I’ve also written up a “Deja’s Instructions for Washing Norwex Microfiber” list, that is casual, detailed, and rambling…

… hopefully it is helpful.

But first, the official rules:

Official Norwex Washing Instructions:

All Norwex microfiber is guaranteed for 500 washes.  If you follow these washing steps you will get many happy years of use from your cloths and mops.

All Norwex microfiber cloths and mop pads NEED to be washed in your washing machine with low lint items (like sheets, t-shirts & jeans).  You CAN use cold water, but hot water is recommended.  The heat causes the fibers to open and allows for better release of the dirt and grease.

  • Any detergent (without bleach)
  • NO FABRIC SOFTENER or dryer sheets

Norwex microfiber CAN be dried in the dryer – the hot setting is the best.

 Washing Norwex Microfiber

Deja’s (unofficial) Instructions for Washing Norwex Microfiber!


Please remember that these suggestions are MINE (Deja’s), based on the general recommendations from Norwex and my own personal experience with the Norwex microfiber.  They’re not set in stone. I have no idea what you’ve been cleaning or how frequently. This is the method that works for me.

How (& When) to Wash Norwex Microfiber

NOTE: These suggestions apply to the Norwex microfiber cleaning cloths, face clothes and mop heads.

1.  If you’ve used your Norwex Microfiber for LIGHT CLEANING JOBS…. 

… like wiping your kitchen counters, your stove top, light switches, outside of cupboards & appliances, etc.  You should hand wash your cloth in warm running water with a bit of dish soap.  You need to make sure that you give it a REALLY good rinse, ensuring that all the soap is completely rinsed out of the cloth.  The rinsing is especially important for Norwex cloths with silver in them, as soap residue will coat the silver making it ineffective at killing the bacteria in the cloth.  Hang to dry in between uses.

2.  If you use the Norwex Face Cloths (either the Body Pack Cloths or the Makeup Removal Cloths)…

…after each use (in between proper laundering) rinse your face cloth under warm running water and a little dish soap (making sure to RINSE WELL), and let it hang to dry in between uses.  The Face cloths should be properly laundered once a week or more often.

3.  For your Norwex Kitchen Cloths…

I find I can only use my kitchen cloths for 2-3 days or they will begin to smell, so they get laundered more frequently.  At the end of each day, I give my dish cloth a good hand wash with a bit of dish soap, under warm running water (hot is even better), then hang it to dry until the following morning.

4.  If you’ve used your Norwex microfiber to clean areas with a high levels of bacteria…

….like for the toilet, floor around the toilet, garbage containers, to clean raw meat prep area, etc., YOU NEED TO WASH IT IN THE WASHING MACHINE with hot water before using it again for another job!  Yes, even the Norwex cloths with silver in them MUST be washed.  Just for good measure however, I always give my cloth a little rinse under warm running water & dish soap, and hang it over the edge of the laundry hamper to dry if I can’t get it in the washing machine right away (it could be days before it makes it to the washing machine in this house).

5.  If you’ve used your Norwex Dusting Mitt or cloths for dusting…

… just give it a good shake (outside), or hit them against your deck railing (as I always do), and you’re good to go again.  I only launder my Dusting Mitt once a month at the most, but more realistically, every couple months.  However, if you, or someone in your house suffers from dust allergies, I would recommend washing your Dusting Mitt (or cloth) after each use rather than waiting.

6.  If your Norwex cloths get stinky and smelly…

there IS a way to get them smelling fresh again… do not despair!  Contrary to popular Norwex mythology, boiling your cloths DOESN’T WORK to remove the stink, and I have found that boiling them changes their texture… they will feel “slimy” even when they’re dry.  The VERY best method for removing the smell from your Norwex microfiber is to DEEP CLEAN THEM.  (As explained in my blog post, deep cleaning involves washing/soaking your Norwex cloths in a sink or bucket of VERY hot water (previously boiled) with a high concentration of easily dissolve-able laundry detergent – I recommend and use the Norwex Laundry Detergent.

7.  Your Norwex microfiber cloths may start to look really dirty and stained. 

This is, unfortunately, unavoidable.  Norwex microfiber is great at picking up, and holding onto dirt and grease, and over time they will stain, and start to look well used.  The good news is that HOT water opens up the fibers, and with laundry detergent, more dirt and grease can be released from the fibers.  So again, I recommend deep cleaning your cloths.  They will not look new again, but they will look better!

8.  In my personal opinion, your Norwex Microfiber should be properly laundered AT LEAST once a week. 

  • HOT water is best, as it opens the fibers to help release trapped dirt and bacteria.
  • wash them with NO LINT items like sheets, jeans or T-shirts.  Do not add your cat hair covered blanket to this load, or your Norwex microfiber will be COVERED in it.

9.  Ideally, you should use a small amount of laundry detergent that dissolves easily and is filler free, when laundering your Norwex microfiber. 

This is especially true of the Antibac cloths (microfiber with silver in them), since it’s necessary that the fibers not be coated after it’s been washed.  You want ALL the detergent to completely rinse out of the cloth.  If you’re looking for a good laundry detergent without fillers, is highly concentrated, dissolves easily, and rinses out fully, the Norwex Laundry Detergent is my favorite pick!  If you don’t want to purchase the Norwex detergent, just look on one of the many cloth diapering websites, and you’ll easily find another brand that meets these criteria.  All of that being said, you can use ANY detergent as long as it does not contain bleach or fabric softener.

10.  You CAN dry your Norwex microfiber in the dryer – the hotter the setting, the better.

11.  DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener/dryer sheets.

Bleach degrades the fibers, and fabric softener/dryer sheets leave a yucky coating over the fibers.  However, DON’T PANIC if you accidentally wash your Norwex clothes with bleach, fabric softener or throw it in the dryer with a dryer sheet.  You haven’t ruined your cloth.  It may not work as well the next time you use it, but over the next few launderings, the fabric softener will wash out of your cloth.

 12.  DO NOT leave your Norwex microfiber in a wet heap on your counter, or the floor, or in your dirty laundry hamper while waiting to be laundered. 

This is one mistake that will DEFINITELY make your Norwex cloths STINK!  Your cloths need to dry in order to halt bacteria growth within the cloth.  Bacteria thrive and multiply in warm, moist environments, and your wet Norwex cloth bundle is a perfect petri dish for bacteria to grow, grow, GROW!   Yes, there is silver in most of the Norwex cloths, but if the bacteria is growing at a faster rate than the silver can kill it, your cloth will be over-run with bacteria, and you will lose the battle against “the Stink”.

I would really love to hear if you have any stories, questions or helpful advice about how to take care of your Norwex microfiber.  I’m sure I’ve missed something, even in my long rambling above, so please, post a comment!  Oh, and if you know other people who might find these instructiions helpful, “share the knowledge” by clicking the cute little share buttons below!


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8 Responses to Washing Norwex Microfiber

  • j moore says:

    it seems like no matter how little norwex laundry detergent I use I can’t get all the suds out. is it ok to use vinegar in the rinse water?

  • Tammy says:

    You are very thorough in your blog writing — and you can tell you are passionate about your Norwex business. I had a question for you in regards to the Norwex face cloths –

    When I remove my makeup (mostly mascara) it seems to stain the cloth. I will use a mild soap to wash it away (similar to what your recommended) but it still remains.

    Thoughts? Are my cloths just too old?

    • Deja says:

      Unfortunately Tammy, I have this same problem, especially with waterproof mascara. I’ve found that the mascara washes out of the cloths better when they are new, but when they get older, like you mentioned, the mascara seems to stick. If you have the Norwex Dishwashing Liquid, it seems to be the best for getting it out of the cloths, although still not perfect. Wish I had better news for you.

  • Lee says:

    Hi Deja, I recently bought a heap of Norwex products, love them so much. I was told you could use normal washing powder so I put them in the wash but now my dry mop head has much less static and is not nearly as easy to use and the enviro clothes don’t seem to work quite as well. I thought it had to be the washing powder, I tried to see what it had in it on the box, didn’t seem to contain bleach but then I googled “OMO Ultimate ” sure enough it contains bleach. I have since swapped to the Norwex laundry detergent, its great, everything is so much fluffier but the cloths etc seem only very slightly improved, just wondering if there is any way to restore them ? I suspect they are permanently ruined , I read above you said the softener will eventually wash out but the bleach destroys I guess ? I feel bad for using a washing powder with bleach ( for the environment ), I didn’t know ! feeling very sad about my norwex products. Thanks, Lee

    • Deja says:

      Hey Lee, I’m so glad to hear that you love the Norwex products! Although bleach isn’t good for the microfiber, I don’t think you’ve ruined your cloths. I have cloths that are still highly effective for cleaning but are definitely not fluffy anymore… unfortunately, the loose their fluffiness rather quickly. If you think that you have fabric softener on them, you can soak them (for about 1 hour) in white vinegar, which will help to strip them of any built up residue. This might help them fluff up a bit.

  • Dana Kinchen says:

    I have been using Norwex for a year and love how easy it is to clean my bathrooms and kitchen appliances. I am a little disappointed lately with the residue my wet mop is leaving on my hardwood floors. I recently bought a new mop thinking my last one was old but the new one is leaving a residue as well. The residue shows all footprints and handprints and leaves the floor messier looking afterwards. Am I doing something wrong? I do not use bleach or fabric softener. I would appreciate any input.

    • Deja says:

      Dana, I’m wondering if the residue is from your water?… Since the microfiber itself can’t leave residue, and if you’re not using any chemical cleaner with your mop, the water you’re using would seem to be the next logical culprit. There have been a number of conversations with other Norwex consultants whose customers experienced the same thing as you are describing, and discovered that it was the “residue” in their tap water. One possible help might be using some vinegar in your wash water, rather than just plain tap water as vinegar strips away hard water minerals. The other option is to used distilled water, which unfortunately, you would have to buy… although it would still be so much cheaper than purchasing chemical floor cleaning solutions! I’d love to hear from you, if the vinegar idea works… let me know your experience with it!

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