How to Use Norwex Products

I often get questions from customers asking how to best use their Norwex products.  Below is a chart outlining, simply, how to use each of the products in the Norwex catalogue.

How to Use Norwex Products


Antibacterial Envirocloth

Red /blue/yellow/green

Surfaces that you would clean with a cloth.  Use only water. Removes soap scum, stains on carpeting & upholstery, cleans wood, leather walls and phones.

Removes more bacteria than bleach!

Dry:  For dusting.  Attracts and absorbs dirt and light particles. Wet:  spray surface and wipe w/ dry or slightly damp cloth. Removes dirt, water, grease and all residue.

Antibacterial Travel Pack


Set of 4 (16x16cm) cloths with case:

Same as above (Envirocloth)

When traveling, use in purse with a small spray bottle to clean up hands, spills on clothing, wipe down door knobs, highchairs, shopping cart handles, etc.

Same as above (Envirocloth)
Antibacterial Window Cloth

Windows, mirrors, stainless steel and other shiny surfaces.

(Do NOT use on vehicle paint surface)

Spray water on the window/mirror & wipe with the window cloth (streak free). For extra dirty surfaces, use a damp Envirocloth to remove dirt first & polish with a dry Window Cloth. Great for computers & TVs.

Car Cloth

On your entire car, both inside & outside.

Can also be used as a window cloth.

Use the Car Cloth to dry a clean vehicle.  Start with the windows (inside & then out), & continue cleaning the dash, console, mirrors & paint, streak free.

Car Wash Mitt

Chenille microfiber on one side and microfiber fabric with sponge layer on the other side, it is designed to reduce chance of scratching vehicle paint. Use to wash your vehicle, dirt and debris collected in the mitt easily washes out with a rinse from the hose or a rinse in a bucket.  Holds soap and water well.  Gently lifts dirt and washes away grime.

Antibacterial  Dusting Mitt

All surfaces you need to dust.

Especially useful for dusting mini blinds & plants

Use dry over all surfaces. For mini blinds close and wipe across front side then close other direction for backside. Spray water on blinds first for grimy dust

Optic Cloth

On eyeglasses, camera lenses, binoculars, CDs, DVDS & telescopes. Wipe with dry cloth. For removing residue, just breathe or put water on the lens & then wipe clean.

All Purpose Kitchen Cloth

Any kitchen surface! The All-purpose Kitchen Cloth is a waffle-weave microfiber cloth that is used for wiping counter tops, stoves, etc. It is non-abrasive, durable and excellent for picking up grease.

Veggie Cloth

All hard fruits and vegetables.  Also great for anything that needs a good scrubber. Two-sided, Scrub ‘n’ Dry microfiber cloth for cleaning of hard fruits and vegetables. Use the abrasive side to srub and the soft microfiber side to polish.  Removes dirt, pesticides, bacteria and waxy coatings using water only.  It’s great for cleaning potatos!

Kitchen & Bathroom Scrub Cloth

Good for tough cleaning jobs where extra scrubbing power and wiping is needed. Safe for Teflon, porcelain, tub surrounds, tile, and stainless steel – super for scrubbing off soap scum!

Also great for cleaning fruits and vegetables.


**Must use wet**

Use on Teflon or other non- stick surfaces. Great for ceramic stove tops! Safe for scrubbing on Teflon, & acrylic WITHOUT scratching.  Just be somewhat gentle


2 pak

**Must use wet**

Use on broiler pans, oven interiors, etc. Great on the B.B.Q. & shower doors. Won’t scratch glass (ceramic) stove tops when used with water. Use with lots of water & rub away.

Takes off tape residue. Clean the inside of oven with only water!  Try an inconspicuous area first for scratching concerns.

Antibacterial Kitchen Cloth Set

Dish cloth can be used for wiping up kitchen counters, table tops, stove tops, cleaning out the fridge, and dealing with kitchen spills. Rapid dry time and contains silver,  therefore bacteria cannot grow, but be sure to wring out well. Great for removing grease off of cupboards or hood fans & residue from ceramic top stove.

Antibacterial Tea Towel Sets

Beige/Golden Fleece/Olive Green

Tea towel is great In the Kitchen to dry dishes, dries rapidly so you always have a dry towel. Dish cloth can be used for wiping up kitchen counters, table tops, stove tops, cleaning out the fridge, and dealing with kitchen spills.

Fresh Wash

The smaller the produce, the more pesticide it has.  Leafy greens!  Grapes!  Cauliflower!  Pre-storage! Spray at a 2% concentration (1 tsp. to 1 cup water)  Extends shelf life of produce by 2-3 times!

Oven & Grill Cleaner

Use in your oven and BBQ grills.   All natural, botanical blend that creates no heat, fumes or boiling action.  Contains no poisons, acids, solvents or caustics.   Great for RV & Camping Remove excess debris from surface, warm the oven or grill slightly so the enzymes will work better and spray (do not dilute).  If using product on BBQ or grill you can simply hose them off after allowing them to sit and you may not need to scrub at all.

Carpet Stain Buster

Solves shampooing, spot cleaning, deodorizing and neutralizing needs. Will not leave residue that attracts new contaminants.  Always test for color fastness before using. Liberally spray product on soiled area.  Agitate & blot (do not rub) with an Enviro Cloth. Repeat as necessary. Keeps working hours after cleaning.

Mattress Cleaner

Eliminates organic matter including dust mites & their waste from beds, pillows, feather beds, couches, stuffed animals & all items tat cannot be laundered.  NON-TOXIC 5-6 Sprays for Twin, 8 – 10 sprays for Queen size, 10 – 15 sprays for King size mattress (only spray top of bed). 1-2 sprays per pillow. Use  when you first get it, then again after 1 week, once  more after a month then after that it is every 4 – 6 months.

More frequent use may be necessary for those with allergies and/or asthma. NO VACCUUMING


Environmentally & skin friendly product for cleaning and lime removal.

Great for cleaning hard to remove, built up soap scum from shower area.

Spray onto surface and let it work between 5 – 10 (max) minutes. Wipe off with a damp Enviro Cloth.

Cleaning Paste

Use to clean, polish & protect flat top stoves, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, removes rust stains from porcelain. Apply cleaning paste to a damp Enviro Cloth and rub surface area, then wipe with clean, damp enviro cloth.  Shines up stainless steel beautifully!

Environmentally and skin friendly cleaning and polishing agent. Always test on an inconspicuous surface if concerned about scratching.

Sanira Toilet System The brush has no open cavities for bacteria to thrive. Brush, soap and package are environmentally friendly and are biodegradable. Use as toilet bowl cleanser, a multi purpose disinfectant or even a stain remover. Press down on brush handle to dispense cleanser. Correct amount of the disinfectant is dispensed through a built-in channeling system. For tough stains, empty water from bowl, apply cleanser directly from bottle under rim of toilet bowl. Let sit for 8-10 hours, scrub with brush. For a multi-purpose disinfectant, dilute 1tsp/1 cup of water in a spray bottle.
Micro HandPad
Use on walls (test on inconspicuous area first). Removes soap scum. Clean washer and dryer to remove fabric softener  residue. Dip in water and squeeze out excess. DO NOT WRING. Use on patio furniture and bathtub scum. Fabulous for cleaning stainless steel!Product wears down with use.

Magnetic Ball


Use in dishwasher, washing machine, bath water, even the back of the toilet tank. Just drop it in & let it work for you.

An incredible savings & 5-year warranty.

Ball creates a magnetic field drawing in all properties that cause hard water. Because the ball softens the water, only ½ the amount of dish or laundry soap is needed. In addition, Jet Dry & Fabric softeners (including dryer sheets) can be eliminated.
Norwex Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent
Removes coffee, tea, blood, grease, mascara, dirt, lipstick, grass, vomit, & urine.

  • Safe for all types of fabrics.
  • Unscented, for sensitive skin
Wash colours in cold water & whites in hot (warm) water.  For top loading machines use a full scoop. With the magnet ball use ½ scoop! For front-loading high efficiency machines use ½ tsp. Dilute (1oz soap/1cup water) in a spray bottle for a pre-treat stain remover. Let sit on stain for 3-5 minutes before laundering.
Norwex Laundry Stain Remover
Safe for all types of fabrics, gentle enough for children’s clothing and bedding and delicate fabrics.  Formulated with all-natural enzymes as a triple-action laundry pre-wash.  Helps remove tough stains that detergent alone connot. For best results, treat stain when new.  Remove excess organic matter; then spray directly onto stain, soaking fabric.  Rub product into the fabric covering the stain area completely.  Wait 1 – 5 minutes depending upon severity of the stain.  Launder according to care label instructions.
Odour Eliminator
Eliminate smoke, musty smells, urine, cooking, vomit, garbage etc.  Use 1 capful in a load of musty laundry in a cold rinse cycle. Use diluted (2 tsp./ 1 cup water) for all odours.Use diluted (1 litre/24 litres prepared carpet shampoo solution) for carpets.Use diluted (15-30ml/1 litre of mop water) for floor.
Eliminates organic odour from shoes, equipment bags, shoulder & knee pads, helmets, etc. Spray heavily the first application & whenever needed after.
Dryer Balls
Place the pair in the dryer & set drying time. BE SURE TO REDUCE DRYING TIME BY 25%  Over-drying causes static. The unique design of the balls lifts & separates laundry, while softening fabrics. Reduces drying time, static cling & wrinkles.

Norwex Microfiber Mops

Glider Economy Dusting Mop

microfiber Dry Dusting Mop – ANTIBACTERIAL

microfiber Wet Mop – ANTIBACTERIAL

Use dry mop head (yellow) as a broom on all flooring types and walls.Use wet mop head (blue) as a mop on any type flooring, or to wash walls.

Use mop brackets with the window cloth to clean & polish higher windows.

Use Velcro to affix the desired mop head. Extend telescopic handle so knob is at your nose height.Dry mop: simply use as a broom, gathering dust & debris from floor. Clean with rubber  static brush.Wet mop: it is suggested to spray floor or wall surface with water  then simply wipe.  Or you can  soak the entire  mop head, squeeze out the excess water (to avoid streaking) and wipe the floors.  Always use the figure 8 method when sweeping and washing floors.Hand wash wet pad between uses.
Mop Base Brackets (2) Slide Mop Base Brackets onto the top side of the mop base.  Attach an Enviro, Window or Car Cloth for washing and polishing hard to reach windows. First clean dirt from windows by spraying with water and washing with the wet mop pad or Enviro Cloth attached to the mop.  Attach Window or Car Cloth to mop head & spray window again to polish for a streak free shine!

Rubber Static Brush

Use it on pets, on furniture, in the car & on the dry mop. Use with firm pressure & drag in one direction.

Bath Towel

Med Beige (100×50 cm)

Large Beige (140x70cm)

After a bath, shower, at the pool, gym, keep in your boat. Super absorbing capacity.  Rapid dry time.  Used by Olympic Swimmers.

Hair Turban Antibac

Beige – ONE SIZE

Highly absorbent towel that you can wrap around your head.  Very light on the neck.

Highly absorbent hood shaped towel that absorbs 70% of the moisture from wet hair, resulting in less time used with the blow dryer.

Body Pack (3)

Baby body Pack (3)

Great for removing makeup, regular facial cleaning & exfoliating. Reduces in-grown hairs. Helps diaper rash.  Try on arms for dry skin bumps. Use as you would a facecloth.  No soaps or cleansers are necessary, only water.  Finally a solution for problem & acne prone skin.

Sport Towel

With carry pouch

Use for a sport towel, drying dishes, hair towel, dusting highly polished surfaces. For drying self, as a camping towel, dusting & polishing, absorbing spills, drying dishes as a tea towel, hair etc. dampen slightly to polish metals & jewellery.
Antibac Pet Set For large or small pets.  Set includes 1 super absorbent towel and 2 mitts.  The mitts allow you to hold your pet with one hand while drying with the other. Machine washable

Wet Washing – hold pet wotj pme jamd amd clean with wet mitt.  To dry pet – hold pet in towel while drying paws, nose, belly and ears with the other mitt.

Microfiber Body Glove

Use with body wash in bath or shower to gently exfoliate your body. Apply body wash to body glove and rub skin.  One size fits most.

Crystal Deodorant

Solid – (lasts 1+ years)

Made of mineral salt, no chemicals. Use it under your arms, under the breast, or on feet. Dries up acne as ocean water does. Run crystal under water or apply as soon as you get out of the shower (this works best as pores are open from the steam in the shower) or spray liquid directly from bottle.  Try on mosquito bites for itch!
Foot Stone Use on feet or any calloused skin.Not recommended for diabetics or people with poor circulation. After soaking feet or after bathing rub on corns and calluses to gently remove them.

Silvercare Toothbrush

(w/ refill) med/soft

Refills (2 heads)

Use as you would a regular toothbrush. Rub the silver backing on the infected areas such as canker & cold sores to clean bacteria. Rinse under water & apply paste & brush. Micro bristles remove build up like a cleaning from the dentist. Pure silver covered head self sanitizes.  Heads last an average of 6 months.
Silvercare Dental Floss
Fine, mint-flavored dental floss.Treated with fluoride and silver nitrate. Fluoride reduces acids caused by plaque. Silver is a bactericide & helps kill bacteria between teeth and gums that cause plaque.
Foam Hand Soap
Pleasantly scented hand soap containing shea butter & calendula.
Leaves hands soft.
100% non-allergenic perfume.
Exact amount of foam required to wash your hands is dispensed.  Suitable for frequent use. Maintains natural PH balance
Loofah Pad
Use in bath or shower to exfoliate leaving skin soft and smooth.  More hygienic than synthetic sponges. Apply body wash and rub in a circular motion – then rinse to remove dead skin cells.

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  1. Agnes Lindsay says

    I purchased a dish pad – 8 cm X 13 cm – almost 10 yr’s ago; . i’m still using it but is getting quite worn. it has the silver component. i would like to purchase a new one but can’t seem to locate a dealer or product.. agnes

  2. larry fisk says

    The bath towel smells mildewy. I wash in hot water and tide for HE. I do not use softner but drier balls. How do I remove this smell? I have had the towel for 4 months washing it at least weekly but hanging outside until November.

    • Deja says

      The TIDE HE could be the cause for your Norwex towels smelling. This is for a couple of reasons. 1) Too much detergent – although the bottle tells you to use a lid full, it’s usually too much (unless you have REALLY hard water). Because it’s highly concentrated, you really only need a very, very small amount. If you’re using too much, your washing machine has a hard time completely rinsing the detergent out of the towels, and it’s actually the soap residue in the towel fibers that starts to smell sour. An easy way to remove the detergent build up is to wash them in hot water using ONLY 1 cup of white vinegar. The vinegar strips the soap from the fibers and your towels should smell fresh again. You may have to do this more than once. 2) The fillers in the TIDE detergent are coating the microfibers of the towel and they aren’t really getting clean. This may seem like a repeat of my first point, but it’s slightly different. If you keep using the TIDE detergent (or any detergent that’s similar), you may continue to have sour towels, even if you only use a small amount of the detergent. You might want to consider using a filler & residue free detergent. I love the Norwex Laundry Detergent (read my review of it HERE), but there are lots of other great natural laundry detergents available, and like the Norwex Detergent, they will help eliminate sour clothes and stinky washing machines.

  3. denise s says

    I’m so happy i found this website/blog… I am a new consultant w/ Norwex, and have only been to one party and that was mine. I live in an area where not that many people know about norwex.. practically no one- so my upline came down 10 hours to do my party for me… not the only reason she traveled, lol.. but i feel so lost on these products and i am in fear of the questions people w/ ask me as i am not familar or sold 100% on these products. I want to be, and i am cleaning my house to build up my belief/practice with all that i have before i do my first party this week…eeehhhh… But can you help me a couple of things. 1. One thing that i can’t find much information about is the Blue Diamond bath cleaner.. have you tried this and what are your thoughts??
    2. What is the real difference between the Enviro Cloth, Kitchen Cloth, & Body Cloth. They are all microfiber, all antibac. Obviously the texture is a little different but not that much… Is it just labeling? (Sorry if i’m completely off base, i’m just an overthinker to begin with)

    • says

      Denise, I’m so happy you found my blog too, and I’m thrill that it’s been helpful to you! I’m so sorry for my late response… your comment got lost in the pile!

      The 2 questions you asked are topics that I’ve been meaning to write blog posts on for a looooong time, and just haven’t yet. I’m in the process of writing a “Blue Diamond Review”, but it’s not done yet :) But in short, I really love the blue diamond cleaner. It’s basically the Norwex Descaler super concentrated into a gel, mixed with a dirt lifting surfactant. I’ve had amazing success with it on some really tough hard water jobs (like a SUPER rusty toilet bowl), and I love using it in my shower/bathtub diluted with water.

      As for the difference in the different cloths… yes they are all Antibac microfiber, but the weaves of them are different based on the jobs they are meant to perform. For example, the Enviro Cloth is WAY to grabby for the skin on your face… I know I tried it :P It over strips you skin, and is too “rough”, whereas the fibers of the Body Pack cloths and Makeup Removal cloths are perfectly designed to exfoliate but not overdo it.

    • says

      Hi Jennifer – yes, a damp Enviro Cloth is GREAT for cleaning wood furniture! Having 4 young kids means that it’s not just dust that accumulates on my wood coffee and end tables… there are often mystery sticky spots that need more than just the Norwex Dusting Mitt. I get my Enviro Cloth wet, and then wring it out REALLY well… you don’t want it to be sopping wet. Wipe and clean your wood surface, and if you want, polish and dry it with a Norwex Window Cloth (especially if it’s a high gloss surface).

  4. Becky Johnson says

    I’m a new consultant in the US and delighted to find your blog! I was searching for a better understanding of the Mattress Spray and definitely found it here. Also, I was excited to find the How/Where To Use Products listing. Thanks!

  5. Amber Nollen says

    Can the travel enviro-cloths be used for body cloths (washcloths)? I bought thr travel pack so each family member could have a different cloth and hang them in the shower. But now I’m confused on if they are made differently, or what the difference would be. Thanks!

    • says

      Amber, the Norwex Enviro Cloths are not made for using like a face cloth. The weave of these cloths is such, that they over-strip the skin, especially sensitive facial skin. The Body Pack cloths are a gentler, softer weave… perfect for exfoliating while not over drying the skin. Having said that though, I think that I would use the Enviro cloths for “tougher” areas, like arms, legs, back, etc. They would probably be similar to a loofah, and exfoliate without being scratchy!

  6. says

    Hi! I have been a consultant for two months and love the products. I have asthma and the Mattress cleaner has really helped me. Your website is the first place that I have heard to use it again 1 week after the initial time of using it. Is that something that you heard at a convention or something (I’ve read all the literature and don’t remember seeing that!). I’ve done the treatment twice now…a month apart. I’m wondering if I need to do it again with a follow up a week later…?

    • says

      Hmmm, Mari I didn’t even notice that! I think I’m going to change that… no, from all the reading I’ve done, you don’t have to reapply 1 week later :)

    • says

      The Norwex Enviro Cloths last for a looooong time! I’ve had my original cloths for close to 5 years, and I’m still using them and they still work! If your cloths are starting to feel old and crunchy, try soaking them in white vinegar (to strip any residues off), and then deep clean them in the Norwex laundry detergent… your cloths will thank you for it!

  7. April says

    What is the significance of the words in bold? For example, in the first category explaining the places you can use the envirocloth, you have the word “phones” bolded. Can you explain why you have some words in bold? Thank you for this list – I just started with Norwex and this list has answered quite a few of my questions!

  8. Debbie Dykstra says

    I received 2 Norwex clothes as a gift. One is the Antivac Enviro and the other is the Antibac Polish cloth. How do I use the Polish cloth?

    • says

      Unfortunately, no… there’s not a printable version. I would just copy and paste the content into a Word Document, and then print!

  9. Beth says

    I stumbled upon your blog this evening and boy am I glad I did! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (for this chart) I recently attended a party and the products amazed me but I was overwhelmed with what to do with what! This is perfect, I’m sending your link to all my friends who use or are thinking about Norwex!

  10. Marta says

    I happened to find your blog and boy has this ever been helpful!!! I use the turban twist for my hair an it totally made my hair feel different… a lot better!! But I have one question,how exactly do I put it on?

    • says

      Yes, the hair turban is wonderful! I myself have just begun to use it and love it! To put it on, I flip my head upside down. I cover my head and with the turban, tucking my hair inside. The button is on the back, positioned in the middle. Then I twist the turban at the top of my head two or three times. Once it’s twisted, I grab the loop, pull it back, (flip back upright) and affix the loop over the button. Hope this helps!

  11. Heidi Peris says

    I’m in the process of signing up as a consultant and reading all of your blogs has been extremely helpful! Thanks for being so diligent!

  12. Ernie Rocha says

    Hello, I am wanting to know if the ODUOR ELIMINATOR is pet friendly. Can I spray this product on my carpet and can they walk on it as soon as I spray it .
    Thanks , Ernie

    • says

      Hi Ernie,

      The Norwex Odour Eliminator is a chemical-free odour elimination option that is non-toxic, phthalate-free and biodegradable, so yes, it is pet friendly! It is fine if they walk on the carpet immediately after it has been sprayed!

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