Norwex Cleaning Paste – Review

★ ★ ★ ★ ★… Here we have another 5 star Norwex Product!

Norwex Cleaning Paste – INGREDIENTS:

  • Marble Flour
  • Chalk
  • Natural Soap
  • Traces of Coconut Oil

… the Cleaning Paste ingredient list is one of the many reasons why I love it.  It only has 4 ingredients, and I can pronounce them all!  I also know that the ingredients were not manufactured in a chemist lab, but come from natural sources.


I LOVE the Norwex Cleaning Paste.  I mean, I really, REALLY love it.  Anyone who’s used it will tell you that a little goes a loooong way.  Just a dab will do a big job.  It’s affectionately referred as “Elbow grease in a jar”.    It cleans tough baked on, stuck on grunge and gets rid of stains.  And the best thing is, you only need a small amount.  Just a couple dabs will clean your entire kitchen sink (stainless steel), and a few dabs will do you bathtub!

I personally find it works best used with the Norwex Spirisponge rather than the Norwex microfiber Enviro Cloth.  The amazing microfibers suck up the paste too well!

I’ve had some customers say that they would love to try it, but that the price is a little steep for a small container; it’s just too expensive.  I thought the same thing before I bought it.  But let me tell you, the Norwex cleaning paste lasts, and lasts and LASTS.  Because the paste is so compact, there isn’t the tendency to use too much for the job.  I’ve had my present container for about 4 years, and I still have over 1/2 left.  And it’s not because I don’t use it very often… I use it ALL the time, but like I’ve already said (lots of times) a  LITTLE goes a LONG way with this stuff.

Norwex Cleaning Paste
All natural Norwex Cleaning Paste cleans anything that needs a little more than just elbow grease!

A little about the Norwex Cleaning Paste:
Norwex Cleaning Paste is an environmentally and skin-friendly cleaner that replaces all of your chemical abrasive cleaners, like Comet. This polishing agent cleans, polishes and protects in one application. It contains absolutely no poisons, phosphates or acids. 

It can be used on surfaces and materials made of…

  • chrome
  • nickel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • plastic
  • enamel
  • ceramics
  • porcelain
  • tile
  • painted surfaces
  • and on coffee pots
  • and on glassware and foodware products

NOT  RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON brass, silver and acrylic surfaces, as it may cause scratching.
(although, there are MANY customers who have used it on these surfaces with GREAT success – just check an inconspicuous area first, before going hog-wild on it!)


  • your bathtub (porcelain, not acrylic) to get the “ring around the tub” off.
  • your bathroom (great for really stubborn soap scum, rust stains hard water spots and build up)
  • cleaning the sludge and stains from your kitchen sink (stainless steel) – especially down in the little drain part… you know, the section that turns all brown & gross?
  • getting burnt off crud from your smooth top stove.  Get your stove surface a bit wet.  Use a Norwex Eviro Cloth (or Spirisponge if the mess is bad) to scoop up a bit of the paste.  Scrub your stove until the gunk is gone!
  • cleaning burnt on food from Pyrex and glass baking dishes.
  • getting rid of stains on light colored counter tops (laminate), like coffee/tea cup ring stains, marker stains, and mystery stains.
  • coffee stained travel mugs… if you can get your hand down inside of it!
  • stains in your microwave or fridge.
  • polishing your pots and pans, both stainless steel and brass.  I have a hanging pot rack, so my pots are always on display… the cleaning paste comes in very handy (when I’m inspired to actually do the polishing).
  • cleaning the rust ring from the inside of your toilet bowl.
  • Etc., etc, etc.


The cleaning paste is not creamy or shakable – it’s hard and compact in the container.

  1. Get your Enviro Cloth or Spirisponge damp.
  2. Using your cloth (or Spirisponge) dab at or rub some of the paste from the container.
  3. Rub the cleaning paste onto the surface you want to clean and polish.
  4. Rinse afterward with water, and dry with a clean enviro cloth.

The result is a clean, shiny surface that lasts!

NOTE: While the Cleaning Paste is very gentle, you should always test on an inconspicuous surface if you are concerned about the possibility of scratching.

Norwex Cleaning Paste
The Norwex Cleaning Paste is a must have for your kitchen cleaning!

I have found that the Norwex Cleaning Paste not only cleans my kitchen sink – getting rid of all the build up  – but it also prevents the build from returning as quickly and my sink stays cleaner longer.

At first I thought that maybe I was just overly enthusiastic about the Norwex Cleaning Paste, and was therefore imaging this, so I decided to do a little experiment:

I cleaned one side of the sink with good ol’ Comet, and the other side with the Norwex Cleaning Paste.  Both did a great job of cleaning, but the test was “how long would the sink stay clean”?  After about a week, it was clear that the Norwex Cleaning Paste did indeed help protect the surface of my sink from “holding onto grunge” – the Norwex side was cleaner after a week of use.  I’m not sure which of the 4 ingredients is responsible for this lovely benefit – I’m thinking maybe the coconut oil????  But it doesn’t really matter – the point is, it works and works very well.

And of course there’s there’s the winning fact that Comet is laden with unhealthy chemicals and the Norwex Cleaning Paste isn’t.

Love it.

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  1. JBT says

    Is this safe for marble and granite? I have marble tile walls in the shower, marble bathroom countertop and granite kitchen countertop.

    • says

      It’s not recommended to use the Norwex cleaning paste on granite or marble, since it is somewhat abrasive. However, I do know people who have used it on both of those surfaces to get rid of tough water stains on granite and soap scum in their marble showers. If you do try it, make SURE you do it in an inconspicuous area, and be gentle with the scrubbing… don’t go too crazy right away. If you don’t already have them, I would HIGHLY recommend the Norwex Mcrofiber Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth for cleaning granite and marble. The Enviro Cloth is surprisingly fantastic for scrubbing and getting rid of scum and grease, and the Window cloth is an amazing polisher.

  2. Lyndsey says

    It also works great to clean nail polish from counter tops! I’ve had it happen in the kitchen (entire bottle was dropped and shattered) and the bathroom (3 year-old decided to do it by herself one day). I was AMAZED at how well it worked! Nail polish remover just spread it around.

  3. Kris says

    Maybe I purchased the wrong product. I have extra hard water and therefore have issues in the bathroom with soap scum and lime scale. I purchased the paste and the bathroom mitt to help remove it. Should I have purchased the descaler instead?

    • says

      Kris, the Norwex cleaning paste is great for hard water build up, but you do need to use more elbow grease. I would most definitely recommend getting the Norwex Descaler, it will make the clean up of hard water scale much easier :)

  4. Wendi says

    Is this supposed to be actual paste in the jar, or is it supposed to be solid and dry? I ordered some and it is solid and dry.

    • says

      The Norwex cleaning paste is NOT creamy – it is as you described, solid and dry. This is a good thing, because you’ll use less of it (I know I do… I’m a heavy handed scooper!). If your cleaning job isn’t too big, just wet your Norwex cloth or spirisponge, and rub it on the paste. If you need more of the paste, use the lid to scrape a some of the paste into a little pile to use from… I do this when I’m cleaning my kitchen sink.

  5. Elyse says

    are there any products I can use for brushed nickel? My taps have hard water buildup but it seems the descaler and paste can’t be used on brushed. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Elyse, unfortunately the only Norwex products for hard water build up (Cleaning Paste, Descaler, & Blue Diamond Cleaner) all have warnings not to use on any “brushed” metals. Even using lemon juice or vinegar will eat away at the coating used to give your faucets that brushed look… I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you :(

  6. Kirsten says

    Hi! I am loving my cleaning paste but have a question. You mentioned above that the paste should not be used on brass, but then recommended using it in brass pots and pans-is it ok or not to use on brass? Many thanks for your post-so helpful!

    • says

      Hahaha! Yes, I did contradict myself Kirsten – thanks for letting me know! I’ve just done a little consulting with other consultants (some of whom have brass pots), and although the official Norwex recommendation is to not use it on brass, almost everyone who had tried it on brass, LOVED it. Just maybe, test it on a little, inconspicuous patch before going hog-wild with whatever you’re planning on cleaning.

  7. Jamie says

    What is the best way to clean my porcelain tile shower? It stays pretty clean except in certain areas. The tile is glazed a lit…not too shiny though.

  8. Talie says

    Great post! I have enjoyed reading all your reviews and I have been inspired. Would you use the cleaning paste on vinyl siding on the outside of a house? Or on window tracks? We live on a farm and things look dirty pretty fast.

    • says

      Talie, Yes you could definitely try the Norwex Cleaning Paste on vinyl siding to remove stains and scuffs. And I’ve actually used the cleaning paste on window frames/tracks to get the white looking white again!


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