Norwex Scam?

Is Norwex REALLY all that great?

Norwex Made the News! Norwex Scientific Review

Norwex has made the news, yet again! 

If what I say doesn’t convince you that the Norwex microfiber with water works better than any chemical cleaner, you might just believe, microbiology lab coordinator, Bridget Fisher. 

Norwex Scientific Review

Fisher designed a scientific test in which several dozen sterile petri dishes were contaminated with e-coli bacteria.

Several dishes were treated with a paper towel sprayed with a leading all-purpose cleaner.  Others petri dishes were cleaned with a generic microfiber towel soaked… Continue reading

Is Norwex a Scam? Debunking Myths and Settling Your Concerns

It is crazy to me how often I get asked “is Norwex a scam?” The answer is the same every time – No, Norwex is not a scam.

Norwex is a direct sales company that operates similar to Avon or Tupperware, selling legitimate and high-quality retail products to consumers. In this post I will outline the details of how Norwex operates and what you should know if you are concerned with the legitimacy of the company background.

Scam Concern 1… Continue reading

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