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Real & helpful reviews of Norwex Products. Many of the products I love, but some of the Norwex products I’m not so fond of. My goal is to help you decide which products would be useful to you, and which would not. Please remember, these are my own, personal opinions, and you may not agree with what I write in the review. If you don’t agree, I’d love to hear your comments about why you think differently!

Norwex Saves Turkeys… and the day is saved.

Did you know? 

Norwex is not just for cleaning.  It’s for rescuing Turkeys.  “Turkeys,” you say?  Yes, that is not an autocorrect.  I really mean Turkeys. 

I recently purchased this flying turkey from the Great Canadian Dollar Store. You stick your finger in the head, pull back on the tail, and let it fly. It’s kind of sticky, so it sticks to walls.  Unfortunately, it also sticks to ceilings. Continue reading

Norwex Scrubby Corner Cloth Review

I love my Enviro Cloth.

Its versatility simplifies my life. It’s also eliminated my need for harsh chemicals, making ME the earth’s new BFF.

Now, Norwex has created an Enviro Cloth with a twist. One with a scrubby corner, the Norwex Scrubby Corner Cloth!

Continue reading

“A Dusting of Magic” – A Review Story of The Norwex Enviro Wand

I will admit, the Norwex Enviro Wand looks weird. Maybe even a little flashy. I mean, it’s fluorescent and has a ton of these crazy little nubs all over one side. Initially, I couldn’t see why I would want this over the Enviro Cloth, or the Dusting Mitt.  It seemed… excessive.

However, once I began using it, I saw the magic promptly unfold…

Price: Under $35

Comes with: Flexible Wand and Double-sided Microfiber Sleeve

General Idea: Dust in hard to reach… Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between Norwex Spirinetts and Steel Wool?

I recently had a customer email and ask me “What is the difference between Norwex Spirinetts and Steel Wool?”, and I thought, ‘What a great question!  Everyone needs to know this.’

Here’s the answer:

Continue reading

New Blog Contributor: Meet Crystal!

Today, I am SUUUPER excited to introduce the newest member of the HealthyHomeCleaning writing team – Crystal Moore!!!  Crystal is lovely, so funny, and a GREAT writer… oh, and did I mention gorgeous? We are thrilled to have her!   And now, with no further adieu, here’s Crystal! (insert applause and cheering)

Hello! I am Crystal, I’m NOT a Norwex consultant, and I’ll be putting  Norwex to the test (and reviewing them) in my 4 bedroom home in New Brunswick, Canada.  … Continue reading

Thank you!

I’m writing this post just to say thank you… it’s loooong over-due!  I guess this post could be added to the category “Norwex Reviews” because I’m reviewing YOU, and you, my readers and customers, most DEFINITELY get a 5 star rating!

You are amazing, and I deeply appreciate you.

Continue reading

Norwex 2014 Calendar!

YAY!!!!  The 2014 Norwex calendar is here, and it’s oh so lovely :) 

Just click on the image below, and you will be taken to the online flipbook version of the 2014 Norwex catalog.

All of the fantastic new fall products are in the catalog (I’m going to review them on this blog soon!), as well as a special surprise new product that’s coming soon (Hint: it’s on page 39!). Continue reading

Norwex Made the News! Norwex Scientific Review

Norwex has made the news, yet again! 

If what I say doesn’t convince you that the Norwex microfiber with water works better than any chemical cleaner, you might just believe, microbiology lab coordinator, Bridget Fisher. 

Norwex Scientific Review

Fisher designed a scientific test in which several dozen sterile petri dishes were contaminated with e-coli bacteria.

Several dishes were treated with a paper towel sprayed with a leading all-purpose cleaner.  Others petri dishes were cleaned with a generic microfiber towel soaked… Continue reading

The Dangers of Triclosan in Household Cleaners, Soaps, and Personal Care Products

by Mandy

The other day I was browsing the local news when I came across an article on the potential dangers of antibacterial soaps. I have never really questioned dish or hand soap because it is generally more mild than other products, but federal health regulators are now questioning triclosan – the germ-killing ingredient in 75% of these products – and whether it is as effective and harmless as we think.

Later this year, the U.S. Food and… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning With the Norwex Dusting Mitt – Window Sills Before and After

by Mandy

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning around my apartment over the last several weeks, most of which involves getting rid of old clothes, organizing my desk, and lazily adding more stuff to my storage area. One chore I tend to neglect the most is dusting, which is pretty bad since I live next to some train tracks and the windowsills get very dusty from debris when the windows are open.

I completely forgot that Deja sent… Continue reading

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