New Norwex Products Are Here!!! Fall 2014 Catalogue

Norwex Fall 2014 Catalogue

This post is a few days late... as usual, so it's not 'breaking news',  but here they are, the NEW Norwex Products !  Can we all give a little cheer?  Yeehaw!!!  Detailed reviews of each of the new products will be coming, but for now, here are the 'Norwex-made' promo videos, and a brief description of each product (copied verbatim from my Norwex shopping website - Continue Reading

Norwex Mop – Review

Norwex Mop System

The Norwex Mop - Is it worth the price? I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but I really don't like cleaning.  Hate it actually. Probably one of my least favorite jobs in the house is cleaning the floors.  One reason is because it's such a BIG job - such a large expanse of space with so many obstacles... it's daunting.  It also feels futile.  I sweep, and there are Continue Reading